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I was delighted when K contacted me for a boy/girl twin shoot.  So much fun!  At a tiny 5 and 6 pounds, both of them combined are not much bigger than some of my single newborns (because – yes – I have had an 11 pounder and several 10 pound babies).   They were SO easy to work with too.  I typically expect twin shoots to last 5 hours but these two helped me get the job done in 4 hours.  They loved being snuggled up together and slept peacefully that way so I tried not to separate them much (which meant sometimes cuddling two babies in my lap in one blanket – loved it.



2014-06-23_0013 2014-06-23_0012


And this is why I love a macro lens for newborns.  Love those precious intertwined brother/sister fingers.


2014-06-23_0010 2014-06-23_0009 2014-06-23_0008 2014-06-23_0007 2014-06-23_0006 2014-06-23_0005


2014-06-23_0004 2014-06-23_0003 2014-06-23_0002 2014-06-23_0001


And 5 year old brother Jack, now has his arms full!  :)

These two little Irish twins, stole my heart.


Meet Luke Alexander.  He is my cousin’s beautiful little boy (well…technically…Jim’s cousin but no need to split hairs :) ).  My mother in love (Sarah) and Aunt Barb were my lovely assistants for the day and we had so much fun posing “our” baby.  And he was sweet enough to give me a grin too!

2014-05-05_0010 2014-05-05_0008 2014-05-05_0007
His great uncle (my Father in Law) made the swing so we had to use it for his shoot.
2014-05-05_0006 2014-05-05_0005
My heart melted when I saw that his dad and mom (Nick and Aubrey), gifted him with the middle name of Alexander.  Last year, Aubrey lost her youngest brother…our sweet Alex.  Alex was in a snowboarding accident about five years ago and died last fall due to complications.   He was an amazing guy who we loved so much.  Why do we say “loved” when someone dies as if our love for them becomes past tense?  It doesn’t.  We love Alex.  Very present tense.   I am so glad that his first nephew will be one of many ways that we continue to remember him.   (I have to admit Aubrey – I was really hoping that Luke was going to get Alex worked into his name somehow).
2014-05-05_0004 2014-05-05_0003 2014-05-05_0002

2014-05-05_0001 2014-05-05_0011
Nothing sweeter than little baby in Daddy’s hands.  Love it.


Thank you Nick and Aubrey for blessing me with visually documenting Luke in his first week of life!  I loved the cuddle time and look forward to more of it!




Isn’t this little one a handsome boy?    Cade decided to spend his last hour awake and therefore, gave me the chance to capture his eyes wide open.  Too fun!



Baby yawns are so cute.

2014-03-17_0010 2014-03-17_0009 2014-03-17_0008 2014-03-17_0007 2014-03-17_0006 2014-03-17_0005 2014-03-17_0004 2014-03-17_0003 2014-03-17_0002 2014-03-17_0001 2014-03-17_0013


It was so nice to meet you F family!



ADORABLE!!!  Sometimes, I just swoon over these babies.  I loved getting to spend the day with this sweet family!  AND…soon I will be FILMING little Huxton too so you’ll get to see more of the M Family.


2014-03-11_0013 2014-03-11_0009 2014-03-11_0008 2014-03-11_0007 2014-03-11_0006
2014-03-11_0005 2014-03-11_0004 2014-03-11_0003 2014-03-11_0014 2014-03-11_0015 2014-03-11_0001



My newphew is so so so so so stinkin’ adorable!  He has his auntie wrapped already.   It was so fun putting the above shot together as it has elements contributed by several family members.  The bear rug is Sweetie’s, the log bed was made by his Uncle Daniel, the Red Ryder BB Gun is Tanner’s, the animal mounts were taken from his nursery where they hang above his crib and Papa found me that limb.  :)  Takes a village sometimes.

2013-11-27_0024 2013-11-27_0023 2013-11-27_0025


2013-11-27_0020 2013-11-27_0022



Is my brother Dusty one proud Papa or what?

We are hoping Remy gets mama’s beautiful blue eyes.

2013-11-27_0016 2013-11-27_0017 2013-11-27_0015 2013-11-27_0019 2013-11-27_0018


2013-11-27_0009 2013-11-27_0010 2013-11-27_0011 2013-11-27_0013 2013-11-27_0012


2013-11-27_0004 2013-11-27_0008 2013-11-27_0007 2013-11-27_0006 2013-11-27_0005 2013-11-27_0003 2013-11-27_0002 2013-11-27_0001


Was that enough sharing for ya?  I couldn’t stop myself.   I get so excited to shoot for family and I was actually nervous that my nephew would give me trouble.  He likes to be cuddled at all times and thinks about food ALL THE TIME.  Wasn’t sure if he was going to let me put him down long enough to do his pictures but he had pity on his Aunt and slept sweetly.  He is the chattiest newborn ever.  Talks, talks, talks.  I love it.

I have a special project I am working on with him this month.  You’ll have to keep tuned in to see.  I can’t wait!!!!