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Logan was a gorgeous little newborn, who unsurprisingly has grown into a tremendously handsome 7 month old.  His smiles were infectious.

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Eyes are windows to the soul.
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Reagan is such a doll baby and I am so thankful that her family allowed me the opportunity to photograph the major mile markers of her first year.  I am also glad that she turned one during the spring because AZ has a very short green season and I love spring pictures.  Isn’t she so cute with her favorite bear?


2014-03-24_0013 2014-03-24_0012

Parents make the very best “props” for babies and Miss Reagan was happy as could be with Daddy and Mommy close by.

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2014-03-24_0015 2014-03-24_0020 2014-03-24_0019 2014-03-24_0018 2014-03-24_0017 2014-03-24_0016


I can’t even pick a favorite of this little munchkin.  Too precious for words.



After a nice, long, two month break with my kiddos, I am back at it.  The first baby of the year is a C.U.T.I.E too!  I was hoping Cash was going to keep his ginger status and so far so good.  Crossing my fingers that I see even more red at his 12 month shoot.  I HEART RED HEADS!!!   Doesn’t he look like he could model for Gerber?  Those big, round baby blues just melt your heart.

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Can’t wait to see you again in a few months Cash!


It was so great to see little Santi again.  He is most adorable!  That grin is simply contagious.

2013-11-08_0010 2013-11-08_0013 2013-11-08_0012 2013-11-08_0011 2013-11-08_0008 2013-11-08_0007 2013-11-08_0006 2013-11-08_0004 2013-11-08_0003

When I look at this shot I think “Yes Santi – I do want to sneak you in my camera bag and take you home with me!”


This is 7 month old Reagan.  She was such a smiley little one.  Even Jim couldn’t help but grin away at her the whole time he was reviewing her gallery (my husband single handedly runs my IT department and is my batch auditor).
2013-11-06_0002 2013-11-06_0003

She especially loved pictures while being held by mom and dad.  Her little personality really shined through when safely cuddled.


Reagan’s mom was hoping for an organic and simple backdrop that would serve as just an accent to the beautiful Miss Reagan.  I think the AZ desert in the fall did a mighty good job.



She was working the camera wasn’t she?

2013-11-06_0005 2013-11-06_0006


So glad I get to see Reagan again in a few months for her one year shoot!