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Happy Birthday sweet Cade!!!


My little nephew Remy turned one on November 20th!  He is my baby brother’s baby.  Love this little man to pieces.  He is simply the SWEETEST, SWEETEST, SWEETEST baby EVER!  Ask anybody!  Totally laid back and content, loves people, and LOVES food.

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Isn’t he such a handsome little guy?
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Beautiful baby boy Logan came to see me for the third time for his 1 year session.  I enjoyed getting to do a newborn, 7 month and 1 year shoot and watch this little guy grow.

2014-11-06_0006 2014-11-06_0005
Logan was a serious little guy for his one year session but I didn’t mind…those big baby browns just melted me.
2014-11-06_0003 2014-11-06_0002 2014-11-06_0001


I had Tanner and Noah along assisting me and the boys (naturally) stopped to catch a frog.  Preston (Logan’s big brother) thought that was pretty fantastic:


Meet Lainey.  She is as cute as a button and one of the happiest, most smiley little babies I have seen.  Grin, grin, grin.  Give cheerios.  Grin more.
2014-10-22_0019 2014-10-22_0018
These images were captured at a local hotel.  Hotel properties can be a great session spot.
Doesn’t she just melt your heart.   SO SWEET and BEAUTIFUL.
2014-10-22_0016 2014-10-22_0015 2014-10-22_0014

As a matter of fact, yes I do want to give you a hug little Lainey.


2014-10-22_0021 2014-10-22_0020




Miss Kierstin is two!   I have a strong affection for this little darling.   She has made me work for it since she was a newborn and I love her for it because she is her OWN little woman.   I just LOVED this shot of her and her daddy.  When working with toddlers, you must keep them busy.  Kierstin’s mama wisely brought several different props for her to keep her occupied.   I loved the can with the flowers and so did Kierstin.

Look who loves Minnie?  Think she might have wanted to keep them?  All of them!
Pretty fabulous shoes aren’t they?


2014-10-22_0003 2014-10-22_0004
While waiting for Kierstin to have an outfit changed, I snapped some macro shots of the bouquet just for fun.
2014-10-22_0006 2014-10-22_0007 2014-10-22_0008
Big brother Easton is such a sweetheart.   He is the calm to the mighty little storm with this duo.  They have been so much fun to watch grow.
At 2, Kierstin was not likely to sit still and pose for the camera but if you ask me, capturing her playing was the perfect way to preserve this moment in time.
2014-10-22_0010 2014-10-22_0011
When brother threw on her pink cowgirl hat to bring her a doll, I couldn’t miss the moment.  TOO cute.
Rain boots, rain coats, umbrellas, and butterflies…what the sweetest little girls are made of.

Missing you already Miss Kierstin.