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Fabulous Five

April 25, 2013


Five is such a fun age.  Old enough to converse and have very adult like conversations but young enough to enjoy the play time of childhood and the wonder of everything in her world.



While listening to American Idol…

Tori:  Mommy who do you think the best singer in the whole entire world is?  (And then she whispers…)  You can say my name if you want to.


I wanted to.  :)






Ty:  Mommy why do you have this look on your face right now?

Me:  I am just thinking about things.

Ty:  Are you thinking about me?

Me:  No.  Do you wish I was thinking about you?

Ty:  Yes.

Me:  Okay.  This time I will stare off and think about you.  (He laughs).

Ty:  What are you thinking about me?

Me:  I am thinking how wonderful you are.  How you were born so tiny and how much I wanted you and how much I love you.

He gets off the couch, hugs me, kisses me, and then says

Ty:  Now I am thinking about you and thinking that I love you so much.

Tori:  Mommy?  Would you think about me now?





Me:  I need to get my stuff all ready for my shoot tomorrow.

Tori:  If you need help, I will be right behind you.  I’ll be right by your side.  If you have heavy bags, I am strong enough.  I will be beside you every step of the way.


I ordered Tori’s dress from Etsy – Crocodile Crunch for her pictures and for Easter.  Love it.


After a coughing attack…

Tori:  Mom you had better go get some of your air.  (Referring to my inhaler)






























Dress Up Days

April 25, 2013




Tori loves all things girly and was especially pleased that I got the boas out for her.  She has been wearing that petti since she was tiny.  I love the years of use I get out of them.






I couldn’t decide between a tutu line or a dress up line so I opted for both.



A big thank you to my friend Amanda for teaching me how to curl Tori’s hair with a flat iron.  It works so well for long, loose curls.  I watched YouTube videos and tried it but I just couldn’t get it to work.  They always demonstrate this technique at the mall kiosks but when you get home they never seem so easy to re-create.  Thankfully, Amanda is a true pro at it and taught me (in our church kitchen no less).  For ages, the best of female trade secrets have been swapped in kitchens.



I really should have taken some video of this because Tori is a crack up when she “works” a shoot.













How I love my girl!  Such an incredible gift.

Tea Party

April 25, 2013


I have had several pictures that I wanted of my girl and this spring realized that if I wanted dress up and tea party pictures, I better get on it because the window for these shoots is not particularly large.  At five, dress up and tea parties happen to be at the top of her favorite playtime activities list (along with all things crafty of course).  I am going to split this session into 3 blog posts because this will be an epic overshare.



Her table and chairs were made by her Grandpa Peter (same Grandpa that made me the Cinderella Coach).  She loves this table and gets a lot of use out of it.



Translation of her above expression “This is the best shoot idea you have had yet!”


This is her prim little tea time expression hee hee.  So very Tori.

Tori is so dainty.  I love watching her little hands and fingers when she is at work and play.  She has always had awesome coordination and dexterity (she was using a fork at 1 year – none of my boys came close to that).  Beyond that though, she has a natural grace about her.  That is a gift I envy because I most certainly do not have that particular talent.  Ever see me dance?  That is rhetorical because I really don’t want those that have to speak up hee hee.


Baby brother loves to play with Sissy so I figured he would want in on the action.

He is a pretty good little pretender.

I don’t know what she was laughing about but she thought something he was doing was funny.  Looks like he might have been building with her tea set as the saucer appears to be on top of the cup.  Give a boy a tea set…


This one is my favorite.  He wanted her to smell the flowers.





There were no real cookies at this party so the baby decided it was time to bail.  He is taking his drink with him though.


I find 2 year old portraits to be such a celebrations of childhood.  They are just so authentic and playful at this age.   So much energy!   Little Maddy is such a sweetie pie and I really enjoyed watching her just delight in life.

Bubbles, and wagons, and bears, rocking horses, books, and yes…even a train – all of Maddy’s “loves”.

I am always a sucker for those big eyed serious expressions.

It was so good to see you Maddy!  (And mom and dad too!)

Sometimes a plan just comes together.  I LOVED this session.  All the elements lined up on that fine Saturday.  The kids did WONDERFULLY (especially for an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old).  The location was beautiful.  We were at the right place at the right time.  (You get a short window of green like this in Phoenix).  It was an overcast day which evenly lit the wash.  I am used to shooting in back lit conditions but sometimes an overcast day has its benefits as well.  The outfits mom chose for kiddos and the accessories just took the shoot over the top.  PURE CUTENESS!!!  I have been doing portraits for this family since Easton was six months old and these two munchkins have stolen my heart.  You just wait and see, they are going to steal yours too!

Easton is an exceptionally good model for a toddler.  He and I have fun together.

Her expressions…too darling for words.

I was going to magically remove mom from that shot (she was keeping a close eye on baby) but I ended up loving the “Mama watchin’ over” look so I couldn’t bring myself to remove her.

When Easton was Kierstin’s age, we did a shot similar to the above.

Love her dainty little crossed ankles.

Wonder what E wants to be when he grows up?

Is this little summer outfit to-die-for or what?

And again…the cute dainty feet.  Love it.  Love them.  Can’t wait to do this again in 5 months for K’s one year shoot!   XXOOO