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On October 31st, 2012, Joe and Laura tied the knot.  One week later, I had fun capturing the newlyweds in the Arizona desert.

I have known Laura and her three sisters since childhood.  When she told me she was up for a desert landscape shoot, I went on the hunt for just the right spot.   As I told Laura, this particular spot was not for city girls.   Realizing Laura  was raised in an AZ cowgirl culture, I was confident this location would be a good fit for her.    The AZ desert has more to offer than just barren desert and saguaros.  If you find the right spots, you get pretty desert oasis with right amount of desert landscape and a bit of wild green mixed in.


My parents grew up in the High Desert of California.  My dad roamed the desert landscape all his life.  When he moved to AZ when I was 4, he quickly began his AZ explorations.  As a result, I have seen so much of what AZ has to offer as we spent so much time in my growing up years out on adventures (and they were adventures – my Dad is truly wild at heart).      All that to say, I LOVE IT when clients are up for a bit of adventure with me.    A bit of walking and boot requirements are a small price to pay for some of these sweet spots (if you ask me).


Congratulations Joe and Laura and thank you for allowing me to capture this wonderful time in your lives!  It was so good to see you and the boys again.  Send my love and thanks on to Cody and Cameron for all their help.  Cody went way above the call of duty didn’t he?  LOL.


Year in Review – 2011

January 29, 2012

Tonight I decided to recap 2011.  I thought it would be a quick recap because it seems in my mind that the main event of 2011 was the birth of our fourth child.  Once Troy was born in June, the rest of the year became a blur.  As I worked on this project tonight, I realized that I had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of precious families (primarily in the first six months of the year BEFORE baby came).  It was fun to remember these shoots and these super cute little ones.  Since the last six months of the year were all about Troy Everett, I think I’ll post another recap of Troy pictures.  :)  I am a mama first you know.


February 23, 2011

Meet Jeremy and Krista.??? These two are my brother-in-law and sister-and-law.? Okay – technically Jeremy is my sister-in-law’s brother and Krista will be her sister-in-law that makes Krista and I sister in law’s of sister in law’s – or something like that but who cares right?? Family is family.?? :)

They will be getting married in two weeks and I was honored to be able to celebrate their upcoming wedding by doing their engagement pictures.? Krista has connections so we were able to use the Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant as our backdrop.? (Who knew there was an outdoor center at Lake Pleasant right?)? Tanner and Ty came along for the ride and Tanner worked quite diligently as my reflector assistant.? It was a wonderful day out with my boys and this sweet couple.

Jeremy is a kind, compassionate, sweet sweet guy and the whole family has been thrilled to watch this romance unfold and we look forward to welcoming Krista into the family.

As I was processing these shots I kept asking myself who Krista reminded me of and it finally occurred to me – Elizabeth Shue.? See it?? Both are beautiful women.? :)

This couple didn’t need any coaching.? :)? They got it.

Ya I know.? I already showed you a dip kiss but I liked both of them.? :)

So here is the story…

I was pretty excited when I noted a clear ridge line.? I don’t find those often.? But, when I snapped the silhouettes the evening sky was still a beautiful deep blue (note the first silhouette).? I wanted an AZ sunset but didn’t have time to wait for it.? On my way home (about 20 minutes into my drive), I look out my rear view mirror and there is the gorgeous sunset I was after.? I pulled the car over and shot the sunset.? So the picture above is almost real.? It would have looked like that had I waited 20 minutes.? So I made it work.? That’s what I love about the artistry of photography – I have a say so in the end result.? :)

On our way home, we had to stop because a couple of wild donkeys were blocking the road.? I was telling the boys that when I was little, Papa and Sweetie took us on lots of overnight trips at Lake Pleasant and we often saw (or heard) the wild donkeys.? Fun memories.

2010 Year in Review

January 18, 2011

Shane Loves Jamie II

June 11, 2010

The big date is FEBRUARY 4th, 2011!? The day before Tori’s 3rd birthday.? Tori will be making her first debut as a flower girl and Ty will be the ring bearer.

Check out the rock…

Maybe Ty shouldn’t carry the real deal huh?? :)

Want to see their fun side?

Jamie has a contagious laugh and I love it.? Shane agrees.

Jamie made me really happy by bringing some hats.? I love her in hats.? I remember when she was a little girl she had this hot pink zebra hat that she would wear to school sometimes.?? Despite a fair amount of teasing over that hat, she held her own and wore it anyhow and I was always proud of her for that.? Besides that, she really does look GREAT in hats.? :)

Shane is preparing to be a fireman and has been working hard at that goal.?? Jamie and I thought he should strike a fireman pose for us.?? Jodi declined giving him experience delivering Cooper though.? Drew a real firm line about that.? ;)

She’s sassy…

and ALL girly girl…

and I love to watch Shane watch Jamie.? And he does it all the time.? :)? True love.

I was listening to Lady Antebellum’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” when I was watching the slideshow of all their proofs tonight.? As I was looking at them it occured to me that I had processed very few pictures of Shane looking at the camera.? Turns out…Shane wasn’t looking at my camera much during our shoot and I barely noticed because I am so used to seeing him watch his bride to be.?? He is her hero and she is his sun.? Just the way it’s supposed to be.? Wishing them a lifetime of love where every year has a deeper intimacy than the year before.? They are well on their way wouldn’t you agree?