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Tummy Baby + Heart Baby

September 13, 2013



Meet Drew and Teagan (my cousins) and their TWO babies.



I have only a handful of pictures of my pregnancy with Tanner (and I am very sad about that).  I had the thought many times over that I would have loved to have had an adoption shoot done with the others to celebrate our anticipation of them but I never quite got that done.  When I found out last year that Drew and Teagan were starting the process of an International adoption, I knew I had to jump on it.  :)   I wanted to do a “globe belly” shoot.   God had even bigger plans in mind though and during their waiting, paperwork, processing stage, a tummy baby showed up too.  (As a woman who spent many years down the road of infertility, I now can’t stop myself from saying, “No it doesn’t always happen!”  Pregnancy while on an adoption list only happens a small percentage of the time but it gets a lot of attention when it does so it seems like it happens more than it actually does.   Always such a cool thing though!)

Tummy baby will arrive in October, and if all goes according to plan, Heart Baby may arrive sometime in 2014.   Because both babies were being “waited” on at the same time, and because Heart Baby may actually end up being older than Tummy Baby, we thought they both should be represented in these pregnancy portraits.




















And don’t you love the stance of my little assistant?  She was directing from the sidelines and was a big fan of Teagan’s fedora.

Will be so exciting to meet these two precious ones!  Much love Drew and Teagan!  XXXOOO




Meet Rob and Cat – my cousins whom I adore.  Aren’t they beautiful?  They are two of my favorite people in the world and I was so excited to get to preserve this amazing time in their lives.  Life is about to change forever in such a huge way and I love getting to celebrate the awesomeness of it.

The whole family was a bit panicked when this past weekend was the hottest in Phoenix so far and (of course) the weekend we had scheduled the shoot for.  Not much to be done about it though because my schedule wasn’t going to make switching it easy and hey guess what…it just gets hotter and the baby is just going to keep growing…so what do you do?

Heidi and I packed an ice chest full of ice and squirt bottles and a frog tog and then we stopped for drinks twice and crossed our fingers!  I decided to shoot near the river in hopes that it would be somewhat cooler there.  It was, by more than 10 degrees so that really helped.   (It even rained on our way home).

I am also glad that I picked this spot because my brothers and I (and Rob too who is a brother-cousin to me) grew up playing in this spot.  I have mentioned many times that my dad is an adventurer and this was one of many river spots that he would take us too as a kid.  See that huge rock behind them?  Rob and my brothers used to dive off that rock.  The water was pretty low this year but sometimes it is deep enough to allow for that.   Tanner, Ty and Seth were with us too and they were so mad I didn’t bring a bucket and a net because there were minnows and crawdads a plenty.  Fun day!













Gender Reveal

July 2, 2013


This past weekend I did my cousins pregnancy shoot and that reminded me that I never posted their gender reveal photos.  Oh the fun things we can do when we know ahead of time what baby’s sex is!




















Oh such beauty.   I admit.  My heart fluttered a bit when I saw the above shot.  These two together just melted my heart.


I am getting pretty excited to meet the little fella that will make this trio a foursome.  Could he possibly be as adorable as his big sister?   I love Ella.  I love this family picture and I give full credit to Ella for it.  That is not where I put her.  Like any small ball of energy, she had her own idea about where she should be seated.  When she cuddled mama’s leg like that, I was grinning ear to ear in approval.  MUCH better than my first idea.  Sometimes when I let toddlers go, they surprise me with what they come up with.  Never count the pint sized ones out.  Tori teaches me that every day.


Thinking she is going to be a great big sissy.  Lovin’ on brother already.



Pregnancy looks so good on N!    Beautiful, beautiful mama…





The first time I met Ella, she was about six months old.  I have grown quite attached to this munchkin and loved the time with her.  She was such a cuddle bug.  I really wanted to take her home with me.  She, and her sweet cousin Maddy are as precious as they come (Maddy was recently on the blog too for her 2 year shoot).



Had to try a silhouette with a toddler in the middle.  Sweet little addition.


















I feel so fortunate to GET to spend time with this sweet family again soon.  I have had the awesome opportunity to get to know and work with several family members (C’s sister and family and N’s sister and family) and I love the whole lot of them.  See you soon C and N!  Can’t wait!



I am so excited!  This week our little Lucy will arrive!  Yipppeeeeee!!!!!

The beautiful blonde above is my cousin Jamie and her wonderful honey Shane.  I was born when my Aunt Beck was 16 years old.  When I was 16, Aunt Beck had Jamie.  She was “mine” from Day 1.  Most adorable baby girl ever.   Is Lucy going to look like Jamie?  Oh I hope I hope I hope.  Can’t wait!    (But if she sports Shane’s hair I am going to be TOTALLY okay with that!!!!)

I love the above picture of these two.  I told Shane to make sure he didn’t look like he was choking her.  I have four brothers and three sons.  I should have known better than to say that.  Once it leaves your mouth, they just can’t resist.

I had so much fun photographing these two.   We were worried about the heat but it turned out to be that AWESOME weekend in May where it cooled off for a minute.  Super nice day.  They took me to dinner afterwards and then chatted on our couch with me and Jim until the wee hours of the morning.  I laugh until my stomach hurts when I am with this dynamic duo.


I think my cousin looks beautiful pregnant and I have loved watching her excitement grow right along with her baby belly.   My bet is on an 8 pounder.

Shane gets an A++ for picture day.  After his third shoot with me he said “I know what you’re after Doni” and then he gave it to me.  I had told them both at the beginning that I wanted to see the natural interactions between them so that we could capture that for Lucy and I would know it when I saw it because I know these two very well.  Shane ignored my camera and did what he always does – he loved Jamie.  I love how he loves that girl and she thinks the sun rises and sets where he stands too.  Lucy is going to know it to when she is old enough to interpret these pictures of her parents and I super love that fact.  (You say things like “super love” when you have four kids.  The lingo of four year olds is pretty hip).

Jamie has perfect cheeks.  When she was a toddler, I used to stick my fingers in her mouth (my very clean fingers) and measure the thickness of her cheeks between my index finger and thumb.  It was unreal.  They must have been one inch thick.  I cracked up when the ultrasound tech this week told them that they could actually SEE Lucy’s cheeks on an ultrasound.  LOL!    Perfection.

Shane and Jamie – I love you two to pieces and I can’t wait to have Lucy in MY arms.  A.D.O.R.E.