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Flipper Bug

January 28, 2005

8 months corrected/12 months actual

“Are you busy this afternoon?” I asked her.

If only she would have known. I warned her. I told her it was going to be work. Like any good mother though, she readily agreed to come over and help me take Ty’s first year photos. By the end of the day we were worn out! That little monkey is at the IMPOSSIBLE stage for pictures. I had to give up on the glasses entirely. I managed to get one cute one with glasses but that was it. Mom was standing next to him trying to keep his hands off them but to no avail.

As my studio was set up in the garage, mom had to stand right by the table to keep Ty from crawling off. NOT an easy endeavor. Finally, in frustration I suggested we take him to the park and let him crawl on a large blanket. Containing him was not working. (Tanner had him in a choke hold in a few pictures just trying to keep him in one spot:). The park had it’s problems too. My little flipper bug would not keep still for one second. I’d set up a shot and he’d move. Over and over until I was about to loose my mind. At the end of the day, I was pretty happy with several pictures though. I posted some of these pictures in the January Album. See if mom volunteers to help me with this again. I doubt it.

Everwhere All the Time

Now he has discovered my bookshelf too! Can’t leave this little man alone for a second before he finds something new and interesting. The TV continues to be a problem too. I called Daniel this week and described the constant battle over the tv screen. (I knew he would appreciate this conversation). Daniel’s suggestion? His closing words were “Doni, go look up”. LOL!

Ty is very very busy and keeps Tanner and I on our toes but I love his curious nature. Wonderful thing.


I know it is early for Ty to talk at 8 months corrected but he is such a little mima bird that he is seeming to say at least “Hi”, “Mamma”, “Dada”, and “Tata” (Tanner). It could all be coincidence but he uses them directed often enough that I think he may really be getting it. He also shakes his head no when he doesn’t want something (or doesn’t want to do something). I feel pretty certain that he is going to be ahead with his communicative abilities. This is one thing that I did ask the Lord for. I prayed and prayed that my baby would be able to communciate with me. God answered my prayer and gave me a super social baby. I LOVE it!!


I fear we are already about to give up. We have tried this week but our tries never get far because he WON’T wear them. The ONLY chance we have is to hold his arms down which only makes him furious. Distraction doesn’t work. There is no toy more interesting than the new found toy on his face. Straps won’t work. He would get them right off and than I would only add a choking hazard to my list of concerns. I truly don’t know what to do about this. He even scratched them the second day after we bought them. I think he scraped his two teeth across them the second he took them off.


Ty has had at least 4 episodes this week of waking up gasping for air. Is he refluxing? Having apnea? Apnea because of reflux? It hasn’t happened at night. Only during naptime while sitting in the swing. Is it possible he is having a nightmare and wakes up startled and gasping for air? My best guess would be reflux induced apnea but why only during the day?


No progress

Army Crawl

He is fast fast fast and can get around the house! Nothing is safe:)!

Ty’s RSV shot did arrive hassle free and on time today! Yeah!!!! Ty and Tanner seem to be over their colds now and doing good! A couple more months to go!

To all the Stalkers…

January 28, 2005

LOL! Over the last year I have received countless emails that begin like this “Doni…I know you don’t know me but I know you. It must feel strange getting emails about your life from people you don’t know. I am not a stalker. I promise.”

I laugh each time I get these notes. While it is true that it is hard for me to comprehend what my audience really “looks” like, I accept that by putting my journals on the world wide web that people I do not know will read them. Is this my intent? Yes and no. Initially it was not my intent but I don’t mind it either. It is easy to believe that I am just talking to my circle of family and friends and it does feel “strange” sometimes when I realize how wide my audience has become. However, I have established some precious relationships with many as a result and I feel very blessed by the amazing opportunities I have had for wonderful friendships.

At this point, when I get emails from people I don’t know who say they have been following my journal all year, not only am I amazed but I also feel an automatic kinship:). Anyone who is that interested for that long in my ramblings must be a friend:)!

All this to say, no I never feel “stalked” and I enjoy your emails to me and your comments too. I have been blessed over and over by them…so thank you!

The Ferrari Model

January 28, 2005

Our family will be pleased to hear that once again, Jim celebrated his birthday early. He out did himself this year and determined his holiday a full 7 months ahead of schedule. (Jim’s birthday is July 31st). I am so aggravated. What is the deal with this? Aaaghh!

It all began when he came home from his paintball outing with the guys last week. He was loosing because his gun was not firing properly. The minute he told me I knew I was doomed. Was I surprised when he spent the evening surfing ebay for a new gun? Not a bit. I was anticipating the “pitch”.

It came the very next day. I received an email from him detailing his proposal. It started off by telling me that he was celebrating his birthday in January this year and if I wanted to bake a cake that night I could. (As a point of fact, we have celebrated his birthday several months early, party cake and cards before, ask my brothers how THAT happened!) He would sell his other two paintball guns and use some other cash set aside to purchase the “Ferrari” gun. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the email accurately and I put my seal of approval on this purchase because I thought the bottom line cost to us was $50.00. I was wrong. Very very wrong. Later when I realized just how much this birthday present cost us, I asked him if he was totally shocked when I agreed to his proposal so readily. He said “Yes”. He wasn’t going to question it though (naturally).

A side note on finances in our home. If the above appears that Jim has to go through me for all expenditures that is only true because I manage the budget. We make financial decisions together though (unless Jim out votes me…he has more electoral votes so his vote gets to count more LOL). Many couples manage money differently than we do. I have several friends that split incomes and each spouse has their own account. Jim and I feel strongly that there is no “his/hers” in marriage. Works especially well for me as I have no income. His money is my money. I like it that way and am completely comfortable with that:)!!!

If you play paintball with my husband, I would suggest you run very fast when his new gun comes in. He won’t loose twice:). LOL!

Ryan Day 9

January 26, 2005

From Susie

Guess who opened his eyes for about ten minutes this morning?!!!!! Ryan is down to a rate of only 10 breaths per minute given off by the vent and the rest of his breaths he is doing on his own. We are on the right road to recovery!!! It makes me so happy to be able to write these accomplishments on his behalf, considering how scared we all were just a few short days ago. They plan on keeping him intubated for the next couple of days and during that time pretty knocked out. Ryan is coming back and fighting his breathing treatments, in fact this afternoon he got so upset that the nurse ended up having to bag him a couple of different times. The doctors would like to seem him breathing anywhere in between 24 to 45 breaths per minute and when he is calm he does it, but the minute you start to mess with him or talk to loud around him he breaths up into the 70’s and 80’s, that where those nasty paralytics come in. I think someone needs to remind Ryan that he is the youngest of six children and he better get use to noise and people bugging him!! I want to thank all of you again for your prayers and support, they have really made a huge difference. A special thanks to Doni and her website, Sarah for the visits and goodies, and to everyone else for there calls and emails. I feel really blessed to know that I have such good friends and family that I can count on. And yes, I promise I will get back to all of my unanswered emails as soon as my life slows down. As for now, I will continue to let all of you know at the same time whats going on through these updates.

Susie….remember when Tara couldn’t even talk anywhere near Ty’s isolette or he would desat? Your nightly summaries are bringing back many memories! So glad our little Ryan is fighting through this. Remind him that it takes a pretty tough kid to be the youngest of six!!!

Ryan Day 8

January 25, 2005

I am planning to continue posting Ryan’s updates from Susie until he gets home from the hospital.

From Susie

I forgot to say happy 6th week birthday to Ryan yesterday.
What a great day!! Ryan is moving upward. The doctors removed three of his IV’s and his central catheter line. He also has been removed from his heart and blood pressure medications. Although he is still on the ventilator and will be for a few more days he is making progress. In fact today they try to slow down on paralyzing him completely so that he could feel a little control over his own body, but he wasn’t ready to be in control yet and when he tried his heart rate and oxygen rates dropped and it took sometime to get him to calm down. So although he ended up having to have the paralytics, morphine, and sedatives every two hours he seem to be comfortable. The doctors are calling this is trail moment, he’ll either succeed or need more assistance. He is a fighter and although I have my guard up I know that we are heading in the right direction for now. One day at a time. A little humor…….. the nurses made a little sign that hangs above his bed that says “”B” Positive”. When I asked about it they said that they have adopted the slogan for Ryan because of his blood type and that it is also encouraging words. I agree.