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Don’t Call the Tooth Fairy!!!

September 21, 2005

Tanner is such a fun little one to write about! He gives me new memories every week that I can’t stand to ever forget – thus this journal. Twenty years ago, these writings will only be significant to mamma but I am so glad I am doing this (and yes yes yes Jennifer C. – you need to start one. Follow Heidi’s suggestion:)

Last week Tanner and I went to our routine dentist appointment. Turns out, Tanner has a few cavities…sigh. We figured this was going to be a probability because having weak teeth is in his genes (another reason for loving open adoption – you get much needed info). Because Jim and I knew he was at risk for this, we have been committed to his teeth brushing and 6 month cleanings since he was 2 to try to ward off as many casualties as possible :) .

When we left the dentist I was advised to call a pediatric dentist to deal with this issue. I have not done that yet because I don’t have our new insurance cards in. In the meantime, Tanner was waking up last week during the night crying because his “tooth hurt”. I am assuming that the cleaning aggravated it. Last Wednesday Tanner was crying during the day time too and I told him I was going to call his dentist and ask what we should do for the pain. Tanner did not like the sound of that!

Later that day I was at the chiropractors office and Tanner found a Berenstein bear book to read in the lobby. It was about brother bear going to the dentist! How appropriate! In this book, brother bear has a cavity and sister bear has a loose tooth. Brother is explaining all about the tooth fairy to sister and he tells her that if she loses her tooth the tooth fairy will take her tooth from beneath her pillow and replace it with money. He also advised her to make sure and tell mama bear to call the tooth fairy if she lost the tooth.

That evening Tanner convinced Jim to use the new toothbrush for brushing his teeth. (This was the toothbrush I had bought for Ty but apparently Tanner shanghied). Afterwards, Tanner came into my room and said quite seriously, “Mommy! Don’t call the tooth fairy!! Daddy used new toothbrush. My teeth all clean. They don’t hurt!!! Don’t call the tooth fairy!!!

I laughed so hard! Crisis averted I guess. For the moment, we don’t need to enact the apparent Tooth Fairy disaster plan. Tanner is in no hurry for the cash reward. LOL.

Beautiful Maturity of Conscience

Last week Tanner and I were at the church during the week because Jodi and I were painting our class room. Tanner found a bottle full of tiny animals and had been playing with them. When it was time to go, I saw him sitting in the doorframe with his head nestled in his hands on his knees. He was lost in very serious contemplative thought. While looking straight ahead still doing his mental figuring he said “Mommy. Should I take the animals home?…….long pause…..Or not?”

Here is what I loved about this statement. First, here is what was really going on in that little red head. “On the one hand the animals do not belong to me and belong to the Church. On the other hand, they have been in a room no one uses and no one plays with them so they won’t be missed”.

It was so precious watching Tanner think through what would be the wisest decision (“or not” won out with mommy’s prodding).

This was also sweet for me to observe because I know that Tanner learned this method of processing from me. As I have said before, I talk to myself all the time and I often can be heard repeating these self conversations. I also realize that Tanner and I have “should we or not” conversations all the time. For example, “Tanner, should we have tuna for lunch? …..long pause…..Or not?” I didn’t realize that these “choice” conversations would be training him to process through conscience decisions but now that I am witnessing this, I am glad that we discuss decisions about even tuna for lunch. Teaching kids about how to make a decision has life time consequence so I am encouraged to watch Tanner as he learns from this endeavor.

Good Idea

The other day I was listening to a worship DVD and Ty got his hands on the remote. He messed with the remote long enough that he managed to switch DVD’s and luckily for him, Ty’s Baby Praise DVD came on. Tanner said, “Mommy! He is playing his music! How did he get THAT good idea?” LOL.


It is a rare occasion when Tanner say’s “No” to a parent. Almost never happens. This week it caught me off guard when Jim told him to do something and he said “no”. He didn’t really say it in defiance. It was more an issue of Tanner thinking he had a better plan. Either way, he was sent to his room. Ordinarily when Jim and I try to have conversations of import with Tanner, his shyness kicks in and he doesn’t form his thoughts well to respond. You ask him a question and he just looks at you and then he starts crying because he doesn’t know how to put his response together while under pressure. This has been frustrating both Jim and I. When I went into his room and said “Tanner, I think you have something you need to talk to mommy about”, I assumed we were going to have a long session of working through this simple question. I was wrong. Tanner said very clearly “Uh huh. I not say no my parents.” Yipppppeeee!!!! Not only did he GET it but he knew how to articulate it! I was so proud of him.

The Cricket

Last night Tanner was frantic because there was a very large cricket loose in the house. I told Tanner to catch him and flush him down the toilet. He didn’t like the idea of catching that cricket so Jim told him to get a shoe and squish it. Big smile appeared on his face at that suggestion. He got the shoe and squished the cricket and picked up the shoe to show me. He was so pleased with himself for being my hero and ridding our abode of pesky insects. While he is grinning at me though the dead cricket falls off the shoe. Tanner, starts screaming and I start laughing. Mommy flushed the cricket down the toilet.

A little later I was watching a tv show that seemed a bit too scary for Tanner. He insisted that he wasn’t scared. I asked him if he ever had scary dreams after watching something scary. He said “Not dreams – just crickets.” LOL. (In other words, he is not scared of dreams, only resurrected crickets.)

Morning Kiss

Each morning when Ty awakes, Tanner comes in to tell me. We go together into Ty’s room and Tanner say’s “Mommy. Give Ty his morning kiss”. And then I do. I love this little morning ritual.

Tanner – my life is different because of you. You are my sunshine.


September 21, 2005

Noah is not big on bed time. Last week when Brooke tried to put Noah to bed he told her, “Mommy! I am not sleepy. I don’t even have a yawn yet.” LOL. Didn’t want to forget that one.

AWOL Girl 2

September 21, 2005

I owe such huge apologies to so many people. For the last few weeks I have averaged about 18 messages on my phone by end of week unreturned and I am not even talking about email right now. I still read and enjoy email daily and am so thankful to those of you who send me your updates and still talk to me even though you figure it will be temporarily unreciprocated. I hate writing this stuff because it sounds like I am saying I am just too busy for all the people I love – I hate the sound of that. I never want mere busy-ness to interupt relationships. The truth is not necessarily the busy factor though – it is my little tasking disability :) . Take my inability to multi task, and add Ty Jordan and you have a real problem on your hands :)! One of my very close friends was talking to me on the phone last week and her two year old was yelling away in the background. Eventually we had to get off the phone because we couldn’t hear one another. I was grinning from ear to ear. YES! Finally someone else had to disconnect a call because of background noise! Usually it is me. Tanner and Ty refuse to accomodate phone time unless they are both napping. If they are napping, I have my long list of things to start on while I have quiet time and then I quit answering the phone otherwise I will not make any progress on my list. My family goes crazy with how much I turn our phone off these days but I can’t defend enough how much I seriously NEED the quiet time. Realizing this is a phase, I at least have hope that life will slow down a bit in the future.

By prioritizing my quiet time (what little of it I have LOL), I am getting a lot of studying in. For the last few months I have been thinking about how much I want to go to back to school. Seminary actually. No – I don’t want to be a Pastor (though my father has always insisted that I want his job LOL). I would love to have a degree in theological studies though because I love the study and I love to teach it. Maybe someday when kids are older I can consider that…

For right now, I am studying the book of Genesis in BSF (which has started off with a bang). I might be branded a bit of a maverick for saying this but I lean towards an “old earth” position. I know major dissenter:). I laughed when our BSF leader told all the young earthers to refrain from screaming “heretic” at the old earthers and the advised the old earthers to refran from screaming “idiots” to the young earthers. I am going to write a separate posting on this subject because I think it could pique some interest and I know some of you might start worrying about me for hedging into this camp. LOL. No worries. I’ll give a better explanation later.

I am also teaching on the Life of Paul for our small Thurs night study and this week we are looking at the book of Galations – if you have never studied the character of Paul, you might consider starting this. I love people of passion and I can find few who would fit that description better. I only hope and aspire to get labeled a passionate zealot for Jesus.

Additionally, I am teaching a new adult Sunday School class, “Passion for The Way” and it starts this Sunday. I have enjoyed preparing for this and can’t wait for it to start. The first 4 weeks will be about How to Study the Bible and the next course block will be an Overview to the Bible. There are a lot of newbies to the Word in my class and I think it is so exciting to start baby Christians on the path to discovery. If you think of it, please pray for me in these endeavors. Of all the areas of life I don’t want to fail in, this is a biggie! Teachers of the Word have a big responsibility to handle the word of truth of rightly. I love being in discipleship ministries but I always get nervous that I will not be able to fulfill the needs. Having said that though, I have to remind myself that I am only responsible for teaching…God is responsible for preparing the heart.

And to all of you who replied in regards to my TV series postings…..LOL! I enjoyed your comments and am hoping that we can often publish our post show comments. Maybe I will just try to put a comment about Show Reviews each week and even if I don’t have time to write mine, I can read yours! Just try not to give endings away if you get privy to knowledge that the rest of us may have. FOR EXAMPLE, there is a particular book series I have been reading along with many of my friends. I had several near misses with at least 4 people who wanted to spill the beans on which character got killed off and I headed everyone of them off as I haven’t had time to read (to their credit – no one can believe that I haven’t read it yet since I am such a book fanatic). Anyhow, of all people, Aunt Beck just bleeds it out last week! John can you believe that??????? Mortifiying isn’t it? I avoided Matthew, Dusty, Jamie, Crystal, and even you on this review conversation and then of all people to spill it! That girl! She blamed it on Jamie who did it to her and Jamie blamed it on Matthew. Sheeessh!!!

Anyhow, don’t forget the second season of LOST starts TONIGHT! Yipppeee!!!

Also, for the record…now that I have my list of all the shows I am trying to catch I don’t want you to think that I am strapped to my tv LOL. With Jim working for COX, we were able to get a DVR with a very low monthly service. That is the coolest! I just set all the shows I like to record new episodes and then I can watch them as I wish. For this reason, I may be watching some shows a little late.

I taped Window to the Womb off the national geographic station this week. Anyone seen that? Awesome!!! I had read about it from several pro life orgs. I am going to tape it to VCR and keep it because it is definitely worth referencing. This national geographic program did not have an agenda but the evidence of life at CONCEPTION was just unmistakable.

Okay…moving on to talk about my sweet kiddos now.

Mr. Sensitive

September 13, 2005

As I am writing this, Ty is in his crib trying to nap. I say trying because I can hear him fighting it still. I started putting him in his bed for nap time about two weeks ago and I am finally getting 2 hours worth of naps per day outta the kid. That was a long time coming!!!

Here are a few brief Ty updates as of late:


At 19 months, Ty is saying:

Tanner (sometimes Nanner) – he rarely says Tanner’s name but he tries once in awhile
Bye Bye
Trying to say More
Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
Um Um (Yum Yum)
Ya Ya Ya (or Yay Yay Yay:)
No No


When I first started teaching Ty to sign, he would sign on me. For example, I was signing please all the time and the first time he tried to sign the word please, he signed it on my chest instead of his. Cute.

Ty loves to sign “more” and “please”, “eat”, “soft” and “gimmee” still:). We are working on play, all done, and drink but he isn’t picking them up yet. The other day he wanted more fruit snacks (another child with an ADDICTION to those darn fruit snacks) so he found an empty package, opened my fingers, placed the package in my hand, and signed more. He will bring me a cup when he is thirsty too. I watched him sign “eat” “more” for Tanner the other day when Tanner had cookies that Ty wanted. Baby sign has been very good for Ty and I have noticed him trying to say “more” now that he is signing it so often.


Ty is still eating well. He hates eggs and has some texture aversions still but he is eating a ton. I think the kid is a bottomless pit most days. I also discovered that I must feed him a snack after nap time or he is a terror between nap and dinner time. When he sees daddy come home from work he heads straight for the kitchen and behaves as though dinner should be ON the table when daddy walks in the door:). He is also doing better with thin liquids which is awesome because he isn’t wanting to drink much milk all of a sudden.


Ty can take 6 to 7 steps between people still and can manage a few steps between furniture but he is not motivated to try any more than that. He is quite satisfied with crawling and won’t try to walk without motivation. His balance is still terrible and he can’t stand on his own well. I noticed this week that when he is trying to walk he seems to fall to the left side. I pointed this out to his PT and she agreed that he tends to be weaker on the left side. We are watching this. Both of us think the weakness is very mild but it might be keeping him from being motivated to move ahead in the walking field. Remember he had a bilateral brain hemorrage, the worst of which was a grade 4 on the right side of the brain. This hemorrage would affect the opposite side of the body and his neurologist told me from the beginning to watch his left leg specifically. Therefore, I am not surprised by this. I don’t expect a big problem though. I think he will have to work harder to overcome this little stumbling block but once he finds a way, he will be in good shape.


Ty loves to tickle and is now lifting my shirt and tickling my tummy. This is less than fun for me because he does it so hard he actually draws blood. I had several scratch marks on my stomach in recent weeks. Nearly everyone in my family has had battle marks on their face (watch the eye area) from Ty trying to touch and touching to hard. I still think this is an OT issue. He had his eval but we haven’t heard back to have it officially started yet.

Mr. Sensitive

I mentioned this week that Ty cries during the scene on the Camping video where he is getting in trouble. I also have noticed that if I sit him on my lap to watch the videos I have put on the web, he will cry the minute he sees the first frame of that glowbaby sequence. He does not forget a thing – unless he purposes too LOL. He is still not happy about that camping video either. This week I have been just trying to mute that part. He is such a little doll.

Today was Tanner’s first day of “Bible School” :) . We started BSF this morning and Tanner has really been looking forward to it. Last week he heard me talking to Jim about getting new work clothes and Tanner asked if he was going to get a new shirt and new pants for his first day of “school”. Too sweet. (And yes he did:).

Two nights ago I decided to use some reverse psychology on my shy boy. At the dinner table I said “Tanner, when you go to your bible school keep an eye out for kids that are lonely and look like they need a friend. Maybe you could go up to them and ask them if they need a friend.”

Tanner said, “You talk to em’ mommy. I gotta work with my bible.” LOL!

I didn’t mention this again because I know that Tanner doesn’t miss a beat and I knew he would remember what I said. When we arrived to drop him off at his class I didn’t know what to expect. When he peeked in the door, some brilliant soul had lined up a ton of cars on a piece of masking tape on the floor. This appealed to my little organized man. He is obsessive about cars being lined in order and this caught his attention immediately. He couldn’t wait to get in that room and play. When I went to pick him up he wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I kept waving to him from the doorway but he would look away. Weird? Maybe he doesn’t see me I thought. Finally a teacher put her hand on his back and directed him to me. I thought he would look excited to see me but instead he said “Mommy, it’s not time to leave yet”. :)

He loved it and can’t wait to go back. As we walked toward the car he looked up at me and said “Mommy, none of the kids were lonely.” :) Be still my beating heart…who could resist him?

Clean Day

Last week I asked Tanner to help me pick up the house. His response? “Why mommy? Is somebody comin’ over?” His daddy thought that answer was hysterical.

Mr. Clumsy

Have I mentioned that Tanner is actually quite clumsy at 4? He trips and falls so many times a day it drives Jim and I crazy. Is it the age? The other night we were in Walmart and I hear Tanner crying crying behind me. I turned around and he ran smack into a huge bunch of boxes in the middle of the isle. He scratched his face all up. How does one do that?


Jim got an XBox video crash game that Tanner and Jim both love. Apparently the goal is to run through an intersection at record speeds and see what the collateral damage is when you are done. Anyhow, Tanner was trying to get me to play this with his matchbox cars last week but I found it frustrating that I couldn’t mark my progress in the mess. I ended up getting paper and making boundaries for each matchbox car. That way when I rammed into all of them I could actually count how many cars I knocked out of their boundary. Much more effective and efficient way of tallying the losses. Thought I would share that thought with you mothers of young boys :) .

Speaking of Games…

Heard something funny walking down the hall last week. Jim and Tanner were playing video games in the playroom and I heard Tanner say to Jim “Not bad Daddy! Not bad et all!” Sounded so cute!

Where does Jesus live?

Tanner asked me last week if Jesus lives on the moon. I grinned and let Papa answer the question. We were driving on our way to Strawberry when he asked the question and dad and I were on 2 way radios. Good car talk.

Boys Boys Boys…

I think Tanner’s favorite thing about camping is getting to go potty behind a bush or tree :) . What is it with boys that this experience is so exhilarating? Jim and I went out for a bit in the jeep and left Tanner with Papa and Sweetie. While we were gone Tanner told Sweetie that he had to go potty and was off to find a tree. Sweetie, a mother of 4 boys but still concerned about this outdoor behavior thinks to ask “Tanner what kind?”. He looks at her quizzically and answers “A pine tree!” LOL! I am sure he thought that was a less than intuitive question. Papa and Sweetie are still laughing over it.

My Big Helper

Tanner is doing quite a bit to help me these days. He carries my laundry around for me and is picking up his stuff much more often. The other day I was in a big hurry to get to the dentist office. I set out stuff for Ty but didn’t pack anything in the diaper bag. I put Ty in the car and was rushing back in for the diaper bag. Meanwhile Tanner had disappeared and I had no idea what his hold up was. When I opened the door Tanner was on his way out with the diaper bag in hand. He had packed Ty’s food, sippie cup and fruit snack and had gone back to the kitchen and packed fruit snacks for himself as well. I was pretty impressed.


Fork is still “hork” and I don’t want to teach him the right word :)

The “God” Card

Last week I told Tanner to get off the couch because he and his brother kept arguing on the couch and I thought someone needed to be removed. They had been going at it for awhile so needless to say I was annoyed by the time I separated them. Tanner came into the kitchen then and said “That not make God happy. That make him sad.”

“What makes God sad?” I asked.

“When you are mad” he said.

I stood in the kitchen a moment trying to decide how to manage that. Brooke’s face came to mind :). (Remember she dealt with a similar issue recently when Noah was telling her what God said he could do). I told Tanner that it does make God sad when mommy is mad and that mommy needs to work on patience but that God also is not happy when little boys don’t obey their mothers. And that was the end of that. :)