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Wing And A Prayer:)

January 23, 2006

In the interest of time, I will make this one very short for now with more details later. Jim and I made the decision to place our house on the market and make an offer to a seller 1 mile south of us on a larger home that we love. The offer has been accepted HOWEVER since our house is NOT on the market, we have to utilize a contigency plan (and they have right of removal if they get a better offer). This means we have to sell our house quick quick quick. Technically we have until 2/22 to sell the house and until 3/27 to close it but we may get bumped in the meantime if the seller gets another offer. (Unless we want to carry two mortgages but we do NOT).

There are a few reasons that lead me to believe God may have lead us to this house but time will tell if He wants to gift us with it or if I just simply “want” it:). I think selling our house in 3 weeks would be a pretty heavenly sign though LOL:). We have a really great realator and great finance person so we have good help. (I hate mentioning this because I have MANY friends that are realators right now and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We chose Adele because she has worked with several family members and us before so we have a history with her.

Anyhow, please be praying that the Lord will open the doors wide or shut them hard:). It feels like a long shot but those are the best odds because that’s when you feel confident that God moved the mountains.

It is not going to be an easy week getting our house ready to go on the market by Monday AND Ty’s surgery but we’ll manage:) Prayers coveted:)

Ty’s Surgery

January 23, 2006

Ty’s eye surgery is scheduled for THIS Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Please keep him in prayer during this time.

Information is below is for mommy’s records…I figured I might as well write it here for easy future access but it will be less than interesting to the general population:).

Because this is Ty’s second eye surgery, the Dr. told me to expect Ty’s eyes to be more swollen, red and bruised this time. They should look their worst by Friday and won’t look “normal” for about a month. It could take a week or longer to notice a significant improvement. This surgery is for the strabismus issue that causes the up and down misalignment (also called Superior Oblique Palsy or Fourth Nerve). Ty has all 3 forms of the strabismas. Fourth Nerve, Vertical and Horizontal. The horizontal is not quite right still but not enough to fix surgically right now. It is the fourth nerve form of strabismas that he is having surgery to correct. This isn’t a “cure” but should help. Some of the issue is a brain issue – the surgery simply gives Ty every advantage to help keep his eyes straight. It will be a life long issue but hopefully his brain will be up for the challenge and in the future it will be a rare occasion that he looses eye control. The Dr. mentioned that even when he is 40, standing on his head or looking quickly in the rearview mirror could cause misalignment but his brain should learn to quickly auto correct.

The retinal nerve damage that he has is very mild. This cannot be fixed and glasses won’t help. The Dr. doesn’t expect too much trouble from it but he did mention that Ty may eventually need large print (by 6th or 8th) grade because his brain may struggle to interpret small letters – again – not vision – but neuro. He also suggested that because this damage is so mild he may never have a noticeable issue.

Ty may be in pain and he told me to use cold compresses (which Ty will NEVER go for) so I am a little worried about what the 24 hours after the surgery will look like. Last year Ty was inconsolable for 24 hours so I don’t know if it was due to pain or a side effect from the anethesia. We are trying to get the anethesiologist (Dr. Serlin) that we love again. Hopefully that will work out.

Boy’s Update

January 19, 2006

Tanner seems to be back to his normal self but Ty is still struggling some. The Dr. said that Ty was not dehydrated (thankfully, he was wanting to drink a lot) yet but that it looked like he had a sinus infection. I think he simply looked red inside from vomiting so much. The last time he vomited was last night before bed but he woke up wanting to eat and he hasn’t been wanting to eat since Sunday so I am taking that as a good sign.

I am really feeling stress today because we are considering putting our house on the market which means I have a TON of work to get done before Saturday. Ty is being very very mommy dependant (did I say VERY?) and I have no idea how I will accomplish this. He almost turned blue with a temper tantrum this morning already (lips went blue). He is spitting mad over everything that doesn’t go his way (I mean literally spitting mad – spitting into the air is his way of saying he is furious;). I don’t have the heart to enforce the spitting boundaries too much today so as long as he is spitting at the air and not at mommy, I think I can cut him a bit of slack:). He is on my bed spitting right now because something he is playing with won’t work.

I have my work cut out for me today! If he starts throwing up again I’ll have to just call it quits and rock baby. I have held him over 20 hours this week (and that would be the under estimate)…and it was wonderful!:)

Still Sick :(

January 18, 2006

Tanner got the flu last night and was pretty sick but he seems better this morning. Ty on the other hand is not faring well. He stopped vomiting yesterday midmorning but then started a fever. He drank A LOT but had very little (if any) output. He was in my lap for over 6 hours not wanting to do anything. He seemed to perk up a bit last night but this morning has thrown up 6 times already. He is back in the lethargic state and is sleeping on daddy’s chest right now so that I can take a shower and get him in to see the Dr. He hasn’t eaten ANYTHING in about 48 hours. Please pray for Ty today – he is totally miserable (and mommy is getting sleep deprived:)

Poor Ty

January 17, 2006

Today is Ty’s second birthday and he is soooooo sick with the stomach flu. I can’t keep anything down him and he is making me worried because he is obsessed with BEGGING for water. He wants to gulp it and he can’t get enough to satisify him. I have taken him off the water due to nurses instructions and am giving him sweet clear fluid instead. He finally fell asleep – he was up most of the night. Poor baby!