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Jolley Family, Mon Jan 22

January 22, 2007


Had surgery today and again they could only clean the wound.  Too much infection and swelling to close it up.  They will try again on Wed.  They cannot send Ferris home with a wound vac due to his diabetes.   Hopefully on Wed they can use a “bone solution” to attempt a mock bone graft without having to use bone from his hip.  If in 6 to 12 weeks, this mock solution is ineffective, they will have to take bone from the hip.  A skin graft to close his leg Wed is also being discussed. 

The X-ray did reveal a chip in his shoulder as well but not much can be done about that.

There was some question this weekend as to whether or not Ferris was having a pulmonarry ambulism (sp?).  That is still an unresolved question but it SEEMS he does not at this point.  We were very concerned about that possibility but so far all the results are still pending.


Landen was taken to the hospital today to have a blood draw as the lab was unsuccesful.  The new med he is on is helping him to wake up a little more so that has been nice.  Nothing about his situation has changed much over the course of the week.



While Ferris was in one hospital, and Landen getting blood drawn at another with his nurse, Susie gets a call from Logan’s school nurse.  He was injured at school and possibly has a fractured or dislocated shoulder.  I know….absolutely positively unbelievable.  Susie is sitting in an ER waiting XRay results for Logan as I type this.


Ryan and Jacob are with me and all is going well.  Having four boys though is just a bit of craziness :)

Jolley Family, Sat Jan 20th

January 20, 2007

Unfortunately, not much happened with yesterday’s surgery.  Susie did not get to hear from the surgeon directly but the nurse told us that all the surgeon did was clean the injury out and put antibiotic beads in the leg.  Our assumption then is that the muscles were still too swollen to attempt a bone graft.  Ferris is having a lot of apnea post surgery.  That is pretty typical for some people when on pain meds (me included – I am a major light weight and will drop my sats in a hurry on IV drugs)…but Ferris is having enough of a problem that they have decided he needs a blood transfusion this morning.  Great day in the mornin’ – it never ends.  Landen didn’t have a great night either.

Looks like at least Jacob and Ryan will be staying with us for a couple of days.  I am anxious to have them too – makes me feel like I can do at least SOMETHING in this mess.

Afternoon Update :)


Today is not so good and he is back on oxgyen but I am at least celebrating that he WAS off 02 for about 18 hours.


The good news is, Susie was in a fog last night and she told me the figures wrong.  25% chance of losing leg – 75% chance of keeping it.  HOWEVER, that number has already increased today to 35% of losing his leg.  There are at least 3 issues at play here:  (1) The swelling is not going down and the wound vac isn’t draining as much as it seems it should (2) He actually has not one but two nails from knee to ankle and it isn’t enough because he has a section of bone  missing.  Tomorrow, instead of trying to close the wound, they will be taking bone from his hip and attempt a bone graft.  The wound vac will have to stay on longer (3) All this is made much more complicated by his diabetes.  Blood clots, wounds, and infections are all very risky for diabetics.  We already realize his healing will be tough as it is and now another incision will be made to the hip area.  

His shoulder and collar bone are giving him a lot of pain today as well so they are getting ready to ultrasound.  The X-Ray yesterday didn’t reveal anything in that area but obviously something is amiss.

On the bright side though, I would far rather a 65% chance of keeping it than a 75% chance of losing it – so I’ll call this good news :) !



How Can We Help?

January 18, 2007

Grace Family Fellowship will be collecting gift cards for the Jolley’s.  Gift cards for fast dining options, gas, and groceries seems to be the most practical help we can offer right now.  If you would like to send a gift card or card of encouragement to the Jolley family, please mail as follows:


The Jolley Family
C/O Grace Family Fellowship
18002 North 21st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85023


I have good news and bad news this morning.  I’ll start with the bad:

The surgeon called Susie last night and told her that while things could change at any moment, right now Ferris has a 75% chance of losing his leg.  It was a very severe injury and they may not save it.  Also, Ferris has diabetes and is insulin dependant which will make healing VERY difficult. 


BUT the good news is….

Landen’s ultrasound came back better than we expected!!!!  Yes his kidney’s are inflamed but NOT failing.  He was absorbing such little nutrition that his stomach and kidney’s were processing almost nothing but seizure meds.  Now that he is on an NG tube, we have a lot of hope that this will straighten out.

ALSO, when Susie got home last night, Landen’s nurse had weaned Landen OFF his oxygen and he had been satting at 97 for about 12 hours!!!!!  The transfusion is helping.  NO APNEA yesterday!!!!  He still had a few seizures but overall it was a GREAT Landen day! 

Thank you Lord for your tender mercies.