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Honey Bunny 2

March 23, 2008

It is 12:34 AM and I better get to bed before I have to get back up for another feeding. I stayed up late to make a bow to match Tori’s Easter Dress. :) Several months ago I had my niece Karsyn over night. (She calls me Aunt Sweetie instead of Aunt Sissy :) ). I didn’t factor in “girl hair” time when I got her up for church and I had no idea what to do with it. I was shocked later when I found out how much earlier Jodi gets up just to get Karsyn ready! With boys you just Got2B Glue it and go! At the time I thought to myself “I really doubt I will sacrifice that much sleep over hair”. And so here I am up past midnight making a last minute bow….sigh…happens to the best of us I guess. :)

We are not attending our usual Easter festivities tomorrow because we are still under house arrest but Grandma and Grandpa agreed to stay home and have us come visit them for Easter so the kids can hunt Easter eggs and I can put Tori in her dress. :) (We usually go to a very large family gathering out at Brooke’s parents ranch).

Poor Dusty may not be attending Easter festivities either. He had an emergency appendectomy this week. Michelle is babying him like you wouldn’t believe and you can just guess what the baby of the family thinks of that :). He is happy as can be (the perkaset is helping) :)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen King. HE IS ALIVE!

Honey Bunny

March 22, 2008

I call Tori “Honey Bunny” all the time…no idea why…just comes out…therefore it seemed an appropriate title for this post. Tanner told me I needed to take Easter pictures of Tori in this outfit (might he be a photographer in the making?). He told me he wanted the eggs to be polka dot like her outfit so I accomodated his request. Love those bunny bottoms – too cute. I have a few more from today’s shoot that I will post over the next week.

So…what do you think of the new blog style? :) The main reason I made this change was so that I could load pictures in 600 pixels instead of 400. A lot of the pictures that are digi scrapped need more width in order to really “get” them. I have limited the number of posts showing on the main page to 5 so that it won’t take forever to load. If you notice this being a problem with me loading larger pictures let me know…theoretically it shouldn’t as long as I don’t post too many in every post.

Other changes are..duh the header…that was fun…and if you notice on the right I added a link for easier RSS Feed subscription. I like this one because you can choose whatever reader you have.

Tanner Update:

Have I mentioned that he is an AWESOME big brother? He keeps track of Tori’s feeding times and is constantly reminding me (as if I need it – believe me she presents her case when she is hungry LOL). If she is crying, he goes through the list “Mommy did you feed her yet? Did you change her? I think she just wants to be bounced on your excercise ball.” He is just so amazingly precious. One of his top teeth is starting its descent. I am sad. I think I will lose his gap tooth smile way before I am ready.

Lately I have noticed that Jim and Tanner share another similar quality. They both love to play devils advocate (which makes me crazy). Tanner uses Explode the Code for his phonics program. One of the worksheets has silly sentences and they have to read the sentence and check yes or no. It is amazing how many questions Tanner can debate each day. I give up and just tell him to pick whichever (the point is reading not answering correctly). Example:

Sentence says “Can a sled fly in the sky?”

Tanner says “Well it can if it went down a really big hill fast first”. :)

Ty Update:

Ty: Mommy do I have to take a nap now?

Mommy: No.

Ty: That’s a good idea.

Ty often tells me my ideas are good when they are actually HIS ideas. :)

He is licking the side of his mouth so bad that it is super red. The Dr. gave me some awesome medicated aquaphor for Tori (diaper rash cream) and I am half tempted to use it on Ty but then he would probably eat it and since it’s medicated that won’t work. Any suggestions on how to get kids to quit licking? He gets in bad habits of this.

If you want to see Ty gag and then toss feed him: scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or cream of wheat. His texture aversion isn’t getting any better. His eating habits are driving me crazy. He has a pretty limited food list of what he will eat and it’s quite a challenge every day to figure out what to give him. I try to make sure he gets fruit/veggies, carbs and protein every day but a lot of times I am having to be creative about it.

Tori Update

Tori had her hip ultrasound on Thursday, March 20th. Everything looks fine so I have no idea why it clicks.

She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces this week and is 20 inches long. Thursday was also her DUE DATE! Not a bad size for her due date. She is over 6 weeks old now! She is wearing newborn clothes now and some 0 to 3 month. I can’t even tell you how much fun I am having dressing her everyday (usually in more than one outfit). :)

In the mornings, usually around 10:00 AM she is the most awake. During this time she really talks to us and smiles. She was smiling HUGE at Tanner and I this morning. I have yet to catch a big smile on camara or video yet but I hope to soon.

True Love

March 20, 2008


This week my SIL Aimee had this youtube video of Phil Wickham singing True Love on her blog. It is AMAZING! The words really moved and since we are approaching Easter weekend I had to share it.


March 19, 2008

If this looks a little weird to you…I am in the process of upgrading to the newest version of wordpress. I will customize this template and YES YES YES will be adding Tori to the header but I need my sweet hubby for all of this and he is sick this week and doesn’t want to burn the midnight oil on this project. So for now, we get a boring blue header. Hopefully by next week it will look like “me” again LOL.

Another goal here is to widen my post column so that I can upload a larger size picture so you can see my darlings better. :)

Gimme Some Sugar 3

March 19, 2008

Jodi what do you think of THIS flower?  LOL!

She looks a little bored doesn’t she?

My MIL painted those flower pots for me.  They are usually on my front porch.  :)

Tannerism:  He still says “pajammies” instead of jammies or pajamas.  Love it.

Conversation with Ty this evening:

“Mommy did you get a new hair cut?”

“Yes Ty”.

“Is it a nice one or a scary one?”  (He is looking at me when he asks this)

“Uh.  What do you think?”

“It’s a nice one.”

LOL!  So should I assume that some of my hair cuts ARE in fact scary?  What was that all about?  Funny.


Tonight Ty asked me to “feed” him some milk.  He wanted me in my soft pajammies and he wanted to lay on my lap like a baby with me feeding him milk from a sippy cup.  I think someone wants some extra special attention don’t you?