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Live Loved Photography 2010

January 11, 2010

Yeah!  A new website for a new year!  I switched my former Live Loved site over to a new server and template because the slideshows on the former site required Microsoft Silverlight and that was frustrating people who didn’t have it.

Site is still:

(Click on the image above and you’ll get there).

On the new site you will see new galleries including some featured galleries.  If you visit the featured galleries section, you will find my children’s Christmas shoot.  :)  I didn’t post those pictures on my blog because I was hoping to entice you to look at the new website.  😉

One of the benefits of this new site is that it includes a proofing gallery where you can add pictures to your shopping cart and your order is then emailed to me.

The price list for 2010 has changed as well.  (Prices last year were based on a portfolio building first year).  However, for those of you who booked your sessions in 2009, 2009 pricing will still apply.

If you have time, take a look!  :)

Elbow on my leg

January 7, 2010

Quote:  MOM!  Ty just bit the elbow on my leg!

Uh…would that be what most folks call a knee perhaps?  Apparently I need to sing Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes to Tanner more often.  Let’s chalk this up to a an “oops – momentarily lost all the ‘finks in my mind’ “.  It sure ain’t my homescullin.  😉

No picture today.  I took December off and have hardly picked up my camera.  I miss her.  Just been too busy to do any shooting though.  Maybe next week.

Wanted to write out my notes on today’s Ped visit though.  Dr. N agreed with me.  He thinks the “rare abnormal reaction to a virus” is a poor explanation for last weeks symptoms.  He believes that she may have an obstruction that hasn’t been isolated yet.  He also thinks that the blood wonkiness was due to the fact that her bladder was so hyper extended it was pushing way up into the abdominal cavity and putting pressure on her spleen which regulates the body.  As a result, things wigged out temporarily until she was cathed.  That made more sense to me than any other hypothesis.  He thinks we might should look into failure to thrive issues because of her weight but is more inclined to think it’s a genetic issue.   Her biological mother was 5’3″ and biological father was 5’4″ so they didn’t contribute any tall genes to her.  :)

When he walked into the exam room and saw me he said “I know I know!  It’s been all over the news around here.  I know what happened and I have read the reports from St. Joe’s.”  I (of course) follow up with “Ya but did you know they were suspecting LEUKEMIA last week?????????  He knew that too.   Word got around.

Anyhow, he is convinced that the problem has not been solved yet and that her fatigue, poor appetite, eye swelling, and change in urinary habits is still an unsolved mystery not rooted in the after math of a virus.  However, her blood test today did show that at this moment, she does in fact have a virus.  Platelet count was in the 300,000s though.

So tomorrow it is off to PCH to see the urologist.  Hoping he has a stroke of genius.

And thank you to sweet Amanda who gave me a WONDERFUL massage today and to Kristi who allowed her home to be used as an arcade to entertain two youngsters while we were at the Doctors.  I love my girlfriends.  So blessed.

From My Sister

January 7, 2010

And this beauty is what Heidi HAND CRAFTED for me.  She didn’t just buy the parts and string them together – she ordered the silver, designed it, imprinted it, and fired it!  (This is the same sister that bought wool from a farmer to spin her own yarn).   She is hoping to start her own business and design jewelry and I was pretty darn excited to receive this gorgeous piece.  Actually, with the exception of my wedding ring and an heirloom ring from Grammy, all my best jewelry has come from Heidi.  :)  She is a true artist with a well spring of talent for a plethora of things.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

See the delicate swarovski crystals on the side?  There are also tiny ones on the embellished center plate.  Gorgeous isn’t it?  I feel so spoiled!!!  I have worn it nearly every day since this precious gem came in the mail.


No recurrence of the fever so that is good but something is still not right.  Just little things that are catching my attention.  In the first place she isn’t acting like her normal self.  She is quite subdued.  Not lethargic but definitely very low on energy.  She isn’t wanting to play much.  Just sitting observing a lot with her babies (pacys).  She doesn’t eat much to begin with but her appetite has decreased.  I weighed her on my scale yesterday fully clothed and she weighed 20.5.  HOPEFULLY there is a difference between scales (and I am sure there is) because that would mean she is down TWO pounds since last week.  Either way 20/21 pounds is ridiculous for an almost 2 year old.  Most babies are expected to be 20 pounds at 12 months (she was 16 pounds at 12 months).   Her eyes are looking puffier than normal to me as well.  Lastly, she is waking up from her 12 hour overnight sleep and her 2 hour naps DRY.  I do realize that little ones mature into this but I think it quite odd that this STARTED with a urinary retention issue.  Prior to last Wed, she was always soaked when she woke up and wet after nap.  She is “out putting” but I am questioning whether or not she is urinating it all out.  Wonder if that bladder emptying test is in our future?  We see the urologist on Friday and the ped today.  I am going to have the ped reconfirm to me today that she shouldn’t see an ortho until she is three as well because even the Drs at St Joes made note of how knock kneed she is is.  Also considering an H1N1 shot for her.  I put her on an alternate immunization schedule at her 18 month appointment because Jim and I both would prefer immunizations to be given slowly and when then their weight meets the average.  Maybe it makes zero difference but we feel better about that.  However, considering her winter history with viruses, we don’t feel good about how she might do if she gets H1N1.  Tough decisions.

From My Brother

January 6, 2010

My niece Cozette drew Aunt Sissy for Christmas so her Daddy decided to give her a hand in the shopping department.  Knowing my love for photography, Daniel knew I would love a Cozy Cottage style newborn bed for my newborn shoots so he set out to build one for me.  Using a tree in his yard, he hand crafted this priceless gift for me.  I would have cried had I not been too busy screaming when I opened it.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!   I can’t wait for a newborn shoot next year!   Isn’t it amazing?  Looks like I walked right into a fairytale and found this teeny tiny baby bed.  Love it love it love it!  Now I just need my own 2011 baby to pose in it too.  :)

Thank you again for all your prayers for Tori.  No fever today!  Hoping this continues!

ER Update

January 4, 2010

The saga continues…

Last night I willingly gave up a full night sleep to satisfy the questions of my heart and I am glad that I did.  I was getting myself worked into a frenzy with worry and wouldn’t have slept anyhow and then would have been no better off.

I put her to bed last night at 10:30 PM with a 100.5 ear temp.  I determined to go in there at regular intervals and check her temp.  When I checked at 11:45 PM, her ear temp was up to 102.3.  At that point, we packed up the kids, dropped the boys off with Papa and Sweetie and went back to Mendy’s Place (our local ER).

I forgot to mention that Tori’s weight last week (while DRESSED) was 22.8 pounds.  Last night (while dressed) it was 21.6.  Tiny little thing considering she will be two in one month from tomorrow!  In fact, the ER Dr. commented on her very petite bone size and asked what her genetic history was in relation to her size.

Her fever got up to 102.8 in the ER rectally and again, the Dr. was baffled.  This time I decided to be brave and shoot straight.  I told the Dr. that as much as I couldn’t stand to have the thoughts or utter the words, I needed to be honest about my concerns so that we could do our best to rule them out.  I explained that I was not comfortable yet with her last blood anaylasis and that a resurface of the fever on day eight made the virus theory suspicious (unless of course she has started a brand new virus after being in the ER and the hospital).  I let her know that I wanted leukemia, HIV, and HEP C ruled out.  With her birth history, there are many possibilities  and I don’t remember ever HIV testing her.  HIV is another disease that hits the platelet count in a wonky way.

The Dr. did another blood test and THANK YOU JESUS it was COMPLETELY normal!

WBC is up to 11.8 from a low of 3.6 last week
Platelet Count up to a whopping 291 from a low of 96 last week

She then did another urine analysis to see if a bladder infection had developed as a new symptom post being cathed four times.  Urine was perfect.  She did a chest Xray to check for possible pneumonia.  We didn’t suspect this to be the case since she had no other symptoms but I didn’t suspect pneumonia last January either and our biggest symptom was fever issues then too.  No pneumonia.  Lungs clear.

The Dr. then admitted to me that their concern last week was indeed leukemia.  I knew that but it wasn’t any easier having her confirm it.  HOWEVER, she said that she feels confident ruling out the serious issues like leukemia and HIV at this point because if she were struggling with something that serious that was causing her bone marrow to go on the fritz, she wouldn’t have been able to recover her WBC and Platelet count to normal ranges in such a short amount of time.

Finally, I heard a theory that made sense. Hearing that alone was worth spending the night in the ER!  My ulcer was killing me at that point but I was lighter than air when we got those blood results back.

So who knows what Tori is fighting and if this is the primary ailment or if something new started last night but viruses I can deal with and without any more evidence otherwise, we are comfortable making that assumption as well at this point.

We decided to wait a few days before visiting the pediatrician because he won’t do much more than what they have done already at this point and I want to see if her fevers continue off and on for the next few days.  If she is still fevering by the end of the week, I think we need to continue our search for the root cause because few viruses (to my knowledge) go past 14 days of intermittent fevers and if they do, something needs to be treated for goodness sake.

She only had a couple of hours sleep in the ER and wasn’t actually “put to bed” until almost 7:00 AM.  Jim and I are exhausted but at least we are happy exhausted!  She is behaving fairly normally.  Poor appetite and still a bit cranky but otherwise normal.  As I said before, the fevers haven’t bothered her much.  Had she not had the bladder problem, she would have been mildly affected by all this in the last 8 days.  I just laid her back down for a nap and she is in the 99 range so I expect she will have a fever when she wakes up but we’ll just wait this out a bit and see what happens.

Again, thank you so much for praying for Tori.  It has been a terrible horrible no good very bad first week of 2010 but since it started the last two days of 2009, let’s chalk it up to a reflection on last year.  I am ready to pretend that today is New Year’s Day!  :)  And to celebrate….Jim and I bought a new couch set hee hee.  We have been whining and whining about our sectional for a very long time now and after being very uncomfortable in the hospital last week and then coming home and realizing that we weren’t much happier on our couch at home, we finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new family room set.  They come in Wed and I am so excited!  To those who got my furniture text – Aunt Becky grabbed both our sectional and the plum recliner in about 10 seconds.  Ahhhhh…..looking forward to some nice rest in our own home on our new and wonderful couches that have a total of five reclining seats between the couch, love seat and recliner.  Yipppppeeeeee!!!!  (Tanner doesn’t like them though.  Our son hates change.  Funny.)

Folks….I hope I have nothing more to say about this.  Love to you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  😉