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But You Said…

August 20, 2010

Scene:? Sitting at kitchen table eating with three kids.? Children keep handing me small Easter eggs filled with play dough so that I will unwrap all the packaging (which was a pain).

Me:? (After being handed the third egg)? Hey guys!? This is just what I wanted to be doing right now!

Ty:? Oh Mommy!? There are lots more in this drawer!? Look!? I’ll get you some more!

Tanner:? (Cracking up!)? That was a joke Ty!

Me:? Ty when I said “this is just what I wanted to be doing right now” I was being sarcastic.? That means that I meant I do NOT want to do this right now.

Ty:? But mommy YOU SAID it IS what you want to do right now.

He often doesn’t pick up on these little social cues.? :)

We played a game at dinner last night “Whoonu” (spelling?).? Ty’s favorite.? Jim does not like playing this game with Ty because Jim likes to win and Ty kills his strategy.?? The game is played by giving each player (except one) four cards.? Each player narrows down the four cards to two cards and then 3 players give their two cards to the 4rth player for a total of six.? The 4rth player has six numbered chips (1 through 6) and has to rank the cards from favorite to least favorite.? The goal is to make good guesses on what someone else would like so that you get all the high point chips.

The problem with playing games with Ty though (any games) is that his agenda is never to win.? He plays for the fun of the moment and no further.?? Here is an example scenario.? Let’s say I have the following 4 cards:? Flowers, Striped Pajamas, Chicken, and Fuzzy Mustache.?? The fourth player is Ty so I have to pick the two I think he would rank the highest.? I pick striped pajamas and fuzzy mustache.? Jim is excited because he got XBOX and Nintendo DSI and just KNEW that Ty would rank those highest.

Ty sorts through his cards and is thrilled with XBOX and Nintendo DSI but then…he sees fuzzy mustache and he laughs and laughs and laughs.? Fuzzy mustache gets top rating.? I giggle because I account for Ty’s wild card choices (Top rating has gone to things like “beards” and “running toilets”).? Jim is aggravated convinced the point should have been his.? :)

When it is Ty’s turn to choose for Jim, you can expect the following.? Ty will get the following 4 cards: “high heels”, “onion soup”, “computers” and “fast cars”.? What will he choose?? Onion soup and high heels.? Giggling the whole time.? He cannot get the concept of choosing what the other person would like.? I am convinced that he has more fun than all the rest of us though.? By the way, he NEVER wins this game and he ALWAYS requests it.

I love the way Ty lives life.? He finds joy in the moment.? He doesn’t concern himself with outcomes.? He judges the experience, not by wins or losses, but by how much fun he had playing the game.? I know that is a common expression? but Ty is the only one I know that actually LIVES like that – every day.? Gotta love it.

Papa’s Day – Girls

August 19, 2010

All my little girl wants to do is GET DIRTY.? :)? She enjoyed Papa’s Day immensely. (This was from June – I forgot to post it)

Tooth Fairy Issues

August 18, 2010

Ty lost his second tooth at dinner last night while eating cantaloupe.? This morning, when my sleepy boy emerged from his room, it occurred to me that the tooth fairy had gone AWOL again.? Shoot!? Our Tooth Fairy needs to be terminated because she fails to show up 9 times out of 10.? I think she is ADD.

While he was distracted, I went to his room to put $2.00 under his pillow (guilt).? Thankfully, I lifted the pillow all the way because low and behold the tooth fairy HAD come and left a five dollar bill.? :)?? (And yes I did call that particular Tooth Fairy to discuss the economic crisis and HIS failure to respond accordingly).

Not wanting to usurp the authority of the Tooth Fairy, I left the five dollar bill and went and found Ty.

Me:? Hey Ty.? Did you check under your pillow to see if the Tooth Fairly left anything for you?

Ty:? No.? I think you better call her.

LOL.?? And you see, one more reason why we don’t add Santa to our annual holiday.? Our kids don’t even trust the Tooth Fairy.? :)


Me:? Here Tori put this dress on.

Tori:? Ax nope.? Pink.? (Actually no – I would prefer to wear pink).

I must say “actually” a lot because all three of my kids learned it young.


I am trying to slowly wean Tori from her pacys (babies).? My new boundary is that she only gets them at nap and bedtime.? The other day I forgot to pick up Kitty and saw her lying on my bedroom floor.? I picked her up and put her on top of my (very messy) dresser figuring Tori wouldn’t notice her there.? A little while later, Tori was watching tv on my bed and she spies the kitty and says “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH? my KITTY!!!!? I heard a MEOW!”

Not sure how she saw it and I am certain she didn’t hear it (hee hee) but that’s her story and she is stickin to it.

Yarnell II

August 17, 2010

My nephew Zane

My niece Zandi

Tori playing in the dirt

My niece Braxtyn

My nephew Graham

My nephew Noah

Best friends – Noah doing his crazy eye thing cracks me up

My brother David was up to his usual no good antics.? I didn’t want to drive home in the dark so Papa drove my car and I sat in the front passenger seat of Daniel’s car.? David was (strategically) sitting behind me.?? Thirty seconds into our trip David “accidentally” spilled a bottle of ice cold water down my back.? David and Ty are in agreement upon the exact definition of “accident”.? Revenge was sweet though and I couldn’t have planned it any better.? David’s kids began telling on him to Daniel and I while David tried to get the whole car to sing “This Little Light of Mine” to drown out the accusations.? Daniel and I were laughing until we were crying.

This is David and Daniel doing an imitation.? :) :) :)

I love trips out with my family.


August 16, 2010

My precious and adorable Cozette Grace (Cozy).? A small group of us wanted to get away for the afternoon last week so we headed up to Prescott via Yarnell.? We stopped and played in a creek for a bit and I snapped some shots.? Cozy was my subject for most of them because she was easier to chase.? :)

On the trip were:? Papa, Sweetie, Daniel, Noah, Graham, Braxtyn, Cozette, David, Zandi, Zane, Me, Tanner, Ty, and Tori

That is a big black bull behind her.? This bull gave Sweetie quite a scare when he got within about two feet from her and Tori in the creek.

There are a lot of free range cattle in AZ (though technically in this case we were on sorta private property).?? Speaking of wildlife…earlier this week I was dropping my mom off at her house after dark and Papa wasn’t home.? When we pulled up there was a herd of wild javelina in her backyard.? They make an appearance most every night.? Good thing Dusty was home because we called him from the cell phone to come downstairs and chase them off.? Mom and I weren’t about to get out of the car and shoo them ourselves.? No thank you.? There have been a lot of rattlesnakes (big ones) out there this year too.? The rains we had were drawing them out.

Also while on the topic of wildlife (bunny trails…:) Tanner and I are having such a fun time watching all the Billy the Exterminator episodes.? :)? We cuddle on my bed and watch show after show.? Billy reminds me of a 1980s rocker band version of Ty Pennington.? :)? His kind personality is like Ty’s.? If you haven’t seen it, Billy is an exterminator who has a reality show and he is based out of Shreveport, LA.? He gets calls to come do on a daily basis what my family does quite regularly.? :)?? He gets dead animals out from under homes, irradicates bee and wasp nests, gets rattlesnakes out of homes, traps coons and bobcats and skunks…all kinds of stuff.? I will admit – this show isn’t G rated because Billy’s language is a bit rough but he is a good hearted guy and Tanner and I like him.? :)? We like Ricky too and hope that he eventually finds and marries a sweet woman.? :)?? My brothers find this show anti-climatic because they find themselves doing these things frequently without the freak outs (I do still freak out though).?? Okay back to pictures…

And some of Cozy and her Daddy

Next up will be pictures of everyone else:)