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The Happy Couple

February 16, 2011

I love the picture above of the new Carter couple.? I processed it darker for fun (I have one that is consistent with the others Jamie just so you know).? Susan Stripling (an amazing wedding photographer) inspires me.? :)

First Look

February 15, 2011

Certain family members were not particularly pleased with me when I insisted that the First Look shots could not have a family audience.? Most of the time, couples prefer their “first look” to occur when walking down the isle but sometimes daylight is burning and the hour scheduled for the ceremony does not allow for daylight pictures unless they are done beforehand – ergo – First Look shots.? :)??? What fun to capture this moment as it occurred.

First she taps…

He pauses a moment.? Was that for effect or nerves?? I wonder….

He turns.

They kiss…sigh…

Then they just take each other in…so romantic.

Happy now Aunt Beck?

Meet Nathan.? This little sweetheart was a whole EIGHT weeks by the time of his shoot.? It’s a rare occasion that I do a photoshoot for a baby this age.? Once they are out of the newborn 10 day window, I would prefer to wait until about six months.? In Nathan’s case, I couldn’t get his newborn shots done in time because of my surgery so we had to shoot later than normal.? At two months, Nathan didn’t fit in most of my newborn props but I did get some sweet open eyed expressions that I rarely get when they are in their first few days of life and that was fun.? Congratulations to his parents who were so obviously proud and in love with this little man.? Can you blame them?? :)

When possible, I love to use a piece from the nursery.? The blanket he is laying on is from his crib back home.

This picture says it all doesn’t it?? I have no idea why she did this but a very “Tori” moment for sure.

Totally real shot.? How could they possibly be making such silly expressions at the same time?? Is this the norm?? LOL.

Tori got distracted and was trying to tell me something about her teeth.? Ty is ultra light sensitive so those eye lashes are always batting about in bright sunlight.

I think the caption for the above picture should be “We are the pirates who don’t do anything.? We just stay at home and lie around and if you ask us to do anything – we will tell you – we don’t do anything.”? That would be my favorite Veggie Tales song (though I really like Where is My Hairbrush as well).

I saved the outakes post for last because it tends to be a family favorite.? :)

I have been so aggravated with Tori this week.? She is making huge messes that she cannot clean up.?? It feels like she is just walking around dumping everything out.? Flashcards all over my floor.? ALL the toys out of ALL the toy boxes in her room during nap time.? All of the boys toys dumped out in their playroom.?? Today she took the cake when Tanner came to me crying because she had taken apart all of his lego creations in his room and scattered the pieces all over.? I felt so sad for him I wanted to cry to.? Hours and hours and hours (he said at least a week) went into those projects and she wiped them out in a single blow.? I made her say sorry but she put no heart in it.? Grrrrrrr.? In fact, while I was asking Tanner questions like “can we gather the pieces tomorrow?? Do you think you can rebuild?” – Tanner would answer in this soft sad little voice and then Tori would repeat everything he said loudly in my ear? “He said NO mom”.? Annoyed I asked her to leave the room and she says “Who?? ME????”

Today Beth was over playing with her and she was not sharing a thing.? When I would get after her and ask her if she was willing to share she would say “No” very calmly.? When I asked her why Beth was crying she said “Because I took a toy right out of her hands.”?? At one point in the day, I asked her to exit the back of the trike while Beth was driving and she looked me straight in the eyes and wouldn’t budge.? She very rarely takes me on that defiantly.? Mama won.? She submitted.? Good grief though the wee woman has a mind of her own.? I told Kristi that she is my child that has an agenda as long as mine and I am finding it really important to convince her that I am top dog around here and not her.? She isn’t defiant in a mean spirited way or with anger or crying.? She just looks at you dead pan and adheres to her own ideas.? It doesn’t “look” challenging but I know when a child is laying the gauntlet down and the heck if I am going to let a 3 year old draw a battle line and then win it.??? Go back up to the first picture in this sequence.? Why did she cover both of her brothers mouths?? Power hungry she is.? LOL.

Tonight I needed a break so I told Jim I was going to run to Barnes and Nobles and sit and skim through books with a cup of coffee ALL BY MYSELF.? Tori walked with me to the door begging to come.? When I opened the front door she grabs me and says “You can’t go.? It’s too dark out there!? See?? It’s too dark!”?? (I managed to muster the courage hee hee).

I am so incredibly smitten with this small person I don’t even have words to describe it.? She is everything I ever could have dreamed of in a daughter.? She is more than I ever imagined.? Even at 3, I admire her.?? What an absolute joy and privilege it will be to watch her grow and to be her biggest fan her whole life.?? I feel that way about all three of them.?? I wonder who number four will be?? God has blown us away with the amazing gifts of our children and we are so excited to see what He has planned next.?? They are all so different – brilliantly unique – I love that.? They own their mama’s heart, that’s for certain.

All About the Bride

February 9, 2011

Introducing…MRS. CARTER.??? I had to open up with this shot because is this SO Jamie or what?? :)? She was? doing the happy dance all day.

As you know, I choose not to shoot weddings – not the area I want to specialize in at this time of my life.? Obviously, I made an exception this time for my cousin Jamie (but please don’t anyone else ask – family or not!).?? However, I will shoot GROOMALS!? IGroomals are essentially shots of Bride and Groom in their wedding attire either prior to the wedding or post wedding (meaning not on the day of the wedding).

Because I was in the wedding as a bridesmaid and the wedding photographer, I was in quite the quandary when trying to figure out what I would do for the ceremony and bridal party shots.? My wonderful precious friends Erin and Janelle came to my rescue as my second shooters.? I AM SO GRATEFUL!? Couldn’t have done it without them.??? If you need a wedding photographer, give one of them a call – Erin McFarland or Janelle Zeller.

And now…onto a ginormous posting of bride shots.? :)? I can’t even pick a favorite.

Yes that would be me on the right.? :)

Hope you love them Jamie!? Next up will be Groom and Bride First Look.