Too Can!

January 28, 2005

So many things I love about you Tanner. I love it when I hold you and tuck your arms in. Why do you do that? You have done this since you were a baby. It is like you seek complete safety being encircled in mama’s embrace. It makes me giggle when you get an owie and you run and jump around the house. Your nature is so like mine!

This week I have been telling you “your story”. I read you “Blessing from Above” last night and explained how I was like the mama kangaroo who really wanted a baby. When the baby bird fell into the mama kangaroo’s pouch, that was like when God gave you to me and a Dr. put you in my tummy.

You didn’t say much but a happy “Ya” while I was explaining all this but you took it in. I know this because you asked me to read your “special story” four more times today. I gladly obliged. I love you my precious one.


Talking about Ty:

Mommy he so makes me laugh!”

When I ask Tanner a question and he doesn’t know the answer he says:

“Too can’t tell it!”

I then say, “You can’t tell me?” He then say’s:

“Too can”

Ty’s Hat

Yesterday when I was taking pictures of Ty, I put his little blue hat on him that has the two tassles on top. (These pictures are posted). Sweetie thought it was pretty hysterical when Tanner told her that Ty had horns. LOL!!!! Someday’s Tanner and I do wonder!!! LOL!!! Was definitely suspicious yesterday after trying to get those pictures taken. I was tempted to peak beneath the hat and see if Tanner was right!!!! Too adorable!

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