Ryan Day 10

January 28, 2005

From Susie:

There was not much change on day nine so I didn’t post anything.
But day 10!!!!!!! What great day!!!!!! Ryan was extubated. He is doing awesome and looking so much better. He is still needing about 30 percent oxygen, but there are plans to ween him off.
He had a couple of more blood test today and of course we won’t know anything for awhile but I hope he will come out o.k.. He will be able to take a bottle later tonight which I know he will enjoy considering he has had nothing orally sense 4:00 a.m. this morning. To sum things up, Ryan is one heck of a fighter and is back.
I love this picture of him holding onto finger with his eyes wide open. Before Ryan got sick he was a big cuddlier and as soon as I was able to hold him after extubation he grabbed hold on my finger and would not let go. Thats what I have been hoping and praying for, to have my baby back in my arms and all of our prayers were heard and answered today.

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One Response to “Ryan Day 10”

  1. Erica says:

    To Susie c/o Doni
    I’m all for cuddles. I just wanted to pick Ryan up and cuddle him to pieces from your great photo. Give him some extra cuddling from me too. My son is the independent type. No cuddles until its bed time. (At eight months!!!!) I wanted a baby to cuddle and coddle. Guess I’ll have to try for another one.

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