Noah and the Great Flood

January 28, 2005

Before I begin my tale, I need to educate you on the “Phoenix Crisis” of the week. It makes this story quite ironic. We don’t get much rain in Arizona and apparently our water systems can’t handle the magnitude of rain we have had in recent weeks. The mud had made its way into the water plants and keeping the water at acceptable levels was getting very difficult early in the week. As a result, Phoenix residents were warned to not use tap water. We had to use bottled water or boil the tap water for a full 5 minutes. The water was not considered safe for dishwashing, laundry, brushing teeth….not even pets (according to the press release). So that sets the stage….

My little nephews came to visit this week. All boys were well and we have barely had any time with them this year, so Aunt Sissy was having withdrawals. It has become customary for Noah to knock on my door and say “PLEASE can I come in”. (He has had to stand outside my screen door and just peek in too many times!)

His parents wanted to do a bit of shopping so I asked if Noah could stay with me for a bit. Apparently, I am not responsible enough to watch Noah at this stage of my life. I forgot what toddlers are like and I became distracted and was working with Jim on the computer while the boys quietly played. You saw the word didn’t you? Quietly. With small children that is usually the predecessor of the doom and destruction that lies ahead. I know this.

Anyhow, Ty was in his swing and I went out to check on him. I noticed that there were big puddles all across my floor. Alarm bells start ringing. I followed the trail to the kitchen. What I saw left me staring speechless in awe and amazement.

Noah was standing at the bottled water dispenser holding the lever down and had already managed to flood my kitchen. The look on his face was quite fascinating to me. No guilt no remorse. Rather, his eyes asked “Would ya like some?”

When his daddy and mommy arrived I met them at the door and asked if they had come to pick up Dennis (as in Dennis the Menace). I told my brother that I hoped he wasn’t thirsty because I would not be offering them any water. Noah had used up our ration.


(P.S. Brooke was especially sympathetic because a few weeks ago Noah stood on his stool at the kitchen sink, turned on the faucet, turned the faucet to the back of the sink so that the water ran across the counter instead of into the sink…and flooded Brooke’s kitchen. All while she was talking on the phone.)

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3 Responses to “Noah and the Great Flood”

  1. susie says:

    I can’t help but smile. Doni Noahs little adventure is nothing compared to what your boys will do someday. Tanner and Ty may play quietly now and it may seem nice, but someday soon playing quietly will mean trouble. Look out. Take it from a mother of six. Noah and Dennis although you got Aunt Doni flying on her broom stick, you made my night. Love Ya Doni..HAHAHAHA

  2. heidi jo says:

    oh i remember hearing about that first incident! noah is going to be teaching some things to your boys and from the sounds of it, ty is just curious enough to go right along with his big cousin! watch out world – here they come! (shall i ship some texas water out your way?)

  3. Sarah R. says:

    I’m glad my boys aren’t the only ones that like to flood your kitchen with that water cooler. That thing has always been a favorite toy when we come over. Just wait until Ty gets to it. Then maybe you will move it somewhere else.

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