Ryan Day 12

January 29, 2005

From Susie

What a day. I spent the majority of the day trying to feed Ryan. We thought that maybe we would be going home but until he taking full feeds we are not going anywhere. The problem is stemming from his intubation. He never had to use his jaw muscle and it has become weak. Although we are able to get him to take 60 cc’s ( 2 ounces ) it is taking way to long. In fact I had given up trying on one of his feedings today, and handed him over to the charge nurse, well it took her more than an hour to get him to drink his bottle down. The little stinker!!!! Besides from the feeding issue he is doing great. A little fussy from trying so hard to eat and having some withdraws from all the medication, but alert and stable.

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One Response to “Ryan Day 12”

  1. Ann Marie Schleusner says:

    Great news! We will be praying about the feeding issue and for his strength to return.

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