Amanda and Arlo

January 11, 2010

Meet my friend Amanda and Brooke’s horse Arlo.  Arlo is famous now (he was in the Rose Bowl Parade this month you know)  :) .

I did a family shoot for Amanda on Sunday at Dan and Brooke’s little Suchawee Ranch.  Daniel and I were having a good ole’ time posing Amanda and the horse at the end of the shoot.  Amanda was far more cooperative than Arlo but hey – he got me this picture which I love so I owe him an apple.

This is the only picture I have processed so far and wanted to give Amanda a quick peek.  More later in the week of the whole fam…

Tori Update

The urologist had no clue.  No clue at all.  They decided against anymore testing because the tests left to do are all invasive and since she seems to be feeling better they felt it best to wait her out a bit.  Yesterday she was wet when I got her up and again this morning so maybe her routine is being re-established.  The urologist did suggest that her patterns may have been wonky due to having her bladder stretched out so significantly the week before.  Who knows.

They said that if she was still “off” and her routines “off” by next week, they would want her to see a neurologist.  Apparently, when children grow, OCCASIONALLY (and I think this is very rare), the nerve bundles at the base of the spine can be damaged.  Some of these nerves control the bladder.   I can only imagine the risk it would put her in to attempt to “fix” nerves at the base of the spinal column!!!!  No one really speculates that is the issue (and I certainly don’t think it is) – just an idea thrown out there.

She has seemed a bit happier the last couple of days so we are hoping that this really was just a fluke.  I heard her belly laughing today and went to investigate and found her in the back basket of her little pink three wheeler while Graham was peddling her around the house.  It was an accident waiting to happen but she thought it quite glorious.

Tonight when I told her it was bed time she ran off down the hall and disappeared on me.  I found her snuggled all cozy on Ty’s bed with her head on his pillow.  She keeps trying to get us to agree to let her go to sleep in Ty’s room.  Can you imagine what chaos THAT would be?  She loves Ty.

Unfortunately for Ty though, like Tanner, Tori has discovered that Ty is an easy target.

Grandpa Peter brought Tori this bear with a sunflower around his head while she was in the hospital.  It plays a sunshine song.  Tori really likes it.  For reasons we can’t explain though, Ty is reacting to the sunshine bear like he used to the Glo Worm.  Remember that?  He was crying his little heart out over the bear and asking me to throw it away and telling me he hated it (and I believed him).  Tori, ever observant, thought the reaction interesting.  She then got a hold of the bear and started saying “Tyyyyyy….Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”.  Naughty little thing.  The bear has been put away out of Tanner and Tori’s reach so they won’t torment their brother.    I have no idea why he is so bothered by some toys.  I used to think the connection was visual and auditory combination but that theory was trashed long ago.  I can’t find the connection.

New Website

For those of you who visited my business website yesterday – thank you!  I have one question for you though, on the Sessions page – was it obvious to you that you needed to use the right bars to scroll down and then the arrow to get to additional sections?  I put a note about that so hopefully that made it clear.

Off to bed now.

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7 Responses to “Amanda and Arlo”

  1. Brenda B says:

    Beautiful picture.

    I’m glad Tori is feeling better I pray it stays that way. It is funny how much they figure out to be sneaky so early. I’m sorry Ty dislikes the bear so much, it must be awful for him to be so tormented by a regular thing.

    I think your instructions on your website are quite clear.

  2. April says:

    I am glad she is feeling better too!
    Yep, the website is very clear. I have noticed other sites doing it that way too and have had no problems perusing them.

  3. Jodi says:

    You had great directions on the sessions page. i had no problem reading through all of it. I am so happy that Tori is starting to feel better.

  4. Aimee Z. says:

    I love that picture of Amanda & Arlo…can’t wait to see more!!! So so glad that little peanut is feeling better.

  5. carrie debruyn says:

    This picture is so crisp and says so much!

  6. amanda says:

    I LOVE it thank you soooo much .I am so happy that Tori is starting to feel better.

  7. heidi jo says:


    love the photo… a girl and a horse – such a dreamy thing.

    tori – oh that ornery girl! i guess it’s a good sign that she is INDEED feeling better. i hope this whole worry is over for good.

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