January 14, 2010

James Cameron – YOU ROCK!

A few years back I mentioned to Jim that I found it disappointing that every alien movie always seemed to center on aliens coming to earth.  Why couldn’t WE ever be the aliens on a foreign planet?  Sure, there are a few exceptions but none really developed the kind of plot and culture of another world to my liking.  (I did enjoy the cable series Earth 2 as hokey as it was).  :)

About 18 months ago Jim told me that my dream was going to come true because James Cameron was working on a movie that Jim felt would satisfy my wish list.

Tonight we went on a date and saw it in 3D at the IMAX (AMC Deer Valley 30).

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!   AWESOME AWESOME!  Hands down my favorite sci-fi fantasy movie to date!  And seeing it in 3D on an IMAX screen was pure icing.  I had trouble adjusting the first five minutes but I got over it and then I never wanted to see a two dimensional movie again.  You just HAVE to watch in 3D.

I loved the characters, the colors, the creativity, the plot, the heart…for me, it was full package.   Absolute eye candy.  There were several scenes that I just sat in wonder and awe taking it in.

It was spiritually moving to me as well.  This might be hard to convey but I’ll attempt…

From a spiritual perspective, the movie has a very New Age/Green typical Hollywood slant to it.  However, I still connected with the depth of conviction that the Naavi (probably spelling that wrong) had for their “God”.   I also couldn’t help but wonder if Father smiles when he watches the way his creation creates.  He is the master creator and we were created in HIS image so I imagine He gets much delight in our creative expression (okay – grant it – I think He would prefer the credit for it as opposed to an alien Goddess but it WAS make believe :) ).

The other element that made it fun for me is that I don’t consider myself an “earth bound” person.   I often wonder and dream about my real life.   The life where I will spend eternity with my Father.  I can’t even imagine what the real deal will be like and it’s fun to think outside the box.  To wonder if food will be tastier, if colors will be brighter or if there will be a world of light and color opened up to us that we can’t fathom today.   If Heaven is just behind the veil from us, then hmmmmm…does it defy the dimensions of our own world?  Don’t you ever think about these things or is this just another one of my strange idiosyncricies?

At any rate…after a frustrating week as a SAHM where I cried teaching school two days in a row…it was a MUCH NEEDED mini vacation to another world.

I wouldn’t recommend it as a children’s movie due to some violence and some language but I plan on seeing it twice in 3D.  I want to see it again!!!!!  Once wasn’t enough for me.  :)

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8 Responses to “Avatar”

  1. Brenda B says:

    My SciFi girl! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it gave you a get away for a few hours. I’m sorry you’ve been having a tough week… I hope things get better! Love you!

  2. heidi jo says:

    i’ve not heard one bad thing about this movie… i keep hearing about how people are just blown away with it. thanks for the AWESOME review! i’m so glad you got a date night too. :)

  3. Jess says:

    I love it, too, but we don’t have an Imax near us!! I hope we can see it one day!

  4. Susie says:

    Thank you so much for the review. Logan and I love going to the movies, kinda our time out together. We agree on most movies but he and I have been in disagreement over Avatar. I want to see it sooooo bad and he swears it looks so stupid. Grrrr. I will be be reading this to him later today.

  5. Heather Shaver says:

    Doni, I LOVED this movie! It was so amazing and I felt the same spiritual connection with it. Of course it is Hollywoodized a bit but there is a message for those that choose to see it. I didn’t see it in 3D but it was amazing even without it. Susie……your husband should really like the movie. My Dad and Husband both loved it as well. :)

  6. Christine says:

    We are going to see it tonight sister!!!!!

  7. I love the way you think Doni! Seriously! I wonder the exact same things about heaven. I know you’ve had your plate full to the brim lately with the kids (hope sweet Tori is 100% again!) but let me know when me and my monkeys can come invade your house again! Or if you guys want to come up here, that’s awesome too! :) I have some non-photography related questions for you… though I’m sure photo talk will make it’s way in! Hope you are doing well! E xoxo

  8. Becky says:

    Well, we finally did it – we went to see Avatar today (this afternoon actually, and they even accepted a free movie pass I’ve been hanging on to for the IMAX 3-D!!!! Yipee!!!!) Oh my goodness did we love it. I had the same spiritual impact (how weired is that? I think even though they were worshipping a goddess it brought out our worship for the One true and only God…the creator of the universe.) I was moved to tears and Uncle Dave and I both said that our favorite part hands down was the “I see you” line. I feel that way about him and he for me…I see him and love the him I see!!!!! Man I wish we had more money. This is one I definetely want to see again, but I can’t imagine seeing it outside of the IMAX experience. How will we ever really get to enjoy all the effects whenever it comes out in a DVD?! Good review Doni. We loved it!

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