No Worries

January 21, 2010

Ahhhhh!!!  A week and no posts!  :)  All is well – no worries.  I am just way way way behind and I guess I need a longer blog break than I thought.  I have several things going on right now keeping me from adding my blog to my To Do list.  I will get back in the swing of things eventually but I suspect it will be a while before I am back up to my normal blog habits so I’ll be hit and miss for a bit.  I have some client pictures to show but other than that, I have hardly even picked up my camera lately (and I miss her).

This week has been filled with the usual busy-ness plus some.  Tori broke her front tooth and we ended up in the dentists office for four hours this week and they made her a crown.  I was horrified that she was going to lose the tooth or end up snaggle toothed.   You can just imagine how well THAT went over with her after all her other medical experiences this month.  Poor poor baby.

I have her birthday and Ty’s party scheduled for Sunday and I need to get shopping but we are expecting 65 mph winds this afternoon and more storms (which is a big deal for us Phoenix people) so looks like it will be a chaotic weekend since I don’t plan on even getting out of jammies at this point.   Ahhhh well…such is life.

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2 Responses to “No Worries”

  1. shauna says:

    POOR Tori!! That had to hurt!! Tyler knocked his OUT when he was 3 (well, actually Lauren helped with knocking it out) But I think it would hurt worse to break it than for it to come out. OUCH! Poor baby!!

  2. heidijo says:

    pooor tori!

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