Graham and Gunny

January 28, 2010

Graham has been begging for a pony forever.  On Christmas, he was surprised with his first pony (technically miniature horse) whom he named Gunny.  Are they a cute pair or what?

This week….

Ty:  Mommy why do you love me so much?  Is it because I am cute?

I attempted a long winded explanation of all his amazing qualities but after 10 seconds noticed he had drifted elsewhere.  :)

Tori is saying “I don’t know” a lot.  She says “I oh no”.  She figured out how to climb up my bathroom drawers by curling her toes around the ledges and using them as steps.  I have caught her opening my contact lens case and pretending to put lenses in her eyes, brushing her teeth with the water running, and this morning she took all my makeup brushes, wet them, and then painted her face.  I bought plastic doorknobs to make opening the bathroom door more difficult but now can’t remember to shut it!

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3 Responses to “Graham and Gunny”

  1. They make a very cute pair!!!

  2. Brooke says:

    Please please please send me these pics! Thank you and I love them so much!

  3. heidijo says:

    naughty little tori!


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