Payson Rodeo

August 26, 2010

Last week Sweetie and I and the kids and Daniel, Noah, Graham, Braxtyn, and Cozette drove up north for the day.? Destination 1 was Bull Pen Road just out of Camp Verde.? Very pretty campground down there BUT it was over 100 degrees and it was difficult to get down to the creek toting 7 kids.? Papa told me NOT to take my camera near the creek because the creek was SUPER slippery.? Boy was he right.? I don’t know how many times I fell trying to creek walk.? On the way down there, Daniel tells me that we might run into Josh and Darin because they were hunting BEAR in the area.? This gave me a moment of pause.? Uh Daniel?? We are hiking with seven children into an area where the guys are scouting bears?? Sounds like a GREAT plan.? We ran into Darin and Josh on the road and they assured us that they had thoroughly scoured the area and – no bears.? :)??? Generally speaking, I can’t say I am all that invested in their mad dog scoutin skills but on this particular occasion, I was mighty glad to hear that.? :)

(They really are skilled at scounting.? They have expensive glass and watch for miles.? In fact, one time Darin, Daniel, Josh and Dad were hunting javelina and Darin was able to spot a mountain lion coming from the opposite side hunting the same pig herd).

After we left our first spot, we drove into Payson for the rodeo.? Growing up, I loved the Payson rodeo every year but I haven’t gone in several years so I was looking forward to it.? Brooke was riding (she is still part of the Historical Cowgirls Foundation) and Graham and Zane were mutton busting.? We stopped off at Jodi’s Dad’s house to change (we were a bit of a MESS from the creek).? His yard was so lovely that I had to take a few pictures of kids all gussied up for the rodeo.? (I actually told you all this when I wrote the doghouse post – I am repeating myself as usual).? I’ll save more pictures while at the rodeo for next week.? I got some goodies at this destination point though.? Oh yes I did.? :) :) :)

This is Josh (Brooke’s brother)

This is Darin (my brother)

Take a look at the cell phone in Darin’s hand and then let’s all collectively sigh.

(Sisters – I will give you all these pictures on the disc after I am finished processing.? Might as well wait until after camping now).

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6 Responses to “Payson Rodeo”

  1. Michelle M says:

    Boy did you ever get GREAT pics of everyone that day! :-) Good to see ALL the kids working with the “Photographer” (Aunt Sissy) :-)

    The boys are TOOOO BIG and Noah is SOOO Daniel :-)

  2. I love these pictures!! All of the children are so beautiful!!

  3. Jodi says:

    I love these pictures, but I must say that the one of Darin and Ty is my favorite!. Darin always has Ty in that hold so they can talk without Ty getting in a few cheap shots :). AND HOLY COW DARIN IS SO SO SO HANDSOME!!! Oh my goodness I am one lucky lady :).

  4. heidi jo says:

    sigh… not because of the cell phone… but because they are all beautiful… what a family. :)

  5. Jere says:

    Doni ~ It drives me nuts that you do not have Tori on the first page of your site…lol Its the OCD in me. It says the Brinkmans but you are missing that beautiful, little girl that keeps you on your toes.

  6. Brittany says:

    I want that picture of Josh! He looks so handsome and he is actually smiling his BIG smile!!! :) Love you!

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