Me Me Me!

September 21, 2005

Age: 20 months
Corrected: 16 months
Weight: Very heavy (I am betting over 30 pounds)
Height: Taller than Zandi

This week Ty has made a habit of saying “Me me me” all the time. I have written off as babbling. My very astute husband though pointed out last night that he thinks “Me me me” is “Mine mine mine”. I started paying attention. I think he is right! Figures.

Plan B

Ty is going to be one of those kids that will have a succession of plans in order just in case the first few don’t work (he gets that from his daddy I am sure – Jim is the master of alternative plans). This week he kept crawling up the couch trying to get my drink off the sofa wall. Over and over I was making him get off the couch and telling him “No!”. Next thing I know, he is sitting quietly staring off into space. I see the wheels turning in that little head. He forms his idea and takes off. He crawls around the couch, into the hall, and approaches the back side of the sofa wall where my drink is sitting undisturbed. Shortly thereafter, I see it. The little tiny fingers trying to unsuspiciously sneak my drink off the wall from the other side. This time it was I that asked “How did he get that good idea?” LOL.


I am going stark raving crazy with the noise level in this household. Ty has managed this high pitch shriek and he uses it often when things aren’t going according to his plan. Jim and I have not found the right currency to get this behavior to quit yet but we are working on it! This week I tried the Austin Powers “zip” sign. Ty found that hysterical. Now he screams and grabs my fingers and tries to make me do the sign for zip it. At least it managed to distract him from the scream.

Speaking of sign

Ty finally learned the sign for “all done”! I really needed him to learn this one. I was tired of him throwing food on the floor to get his point across.

Yesterday I told him no about something and he covered both his ears. Was that the sign for “I don’t hear you”? LOL. Hoping that was simply ironic and he isn’t THAT smart.


Tanner did another glow baby run yesterday. Yep. Ty still is afraid of the glow baby. We are also thinking that Ty is afraid of the dark. I noticed that he doesn’t cry much at nap time but he does cry when I put him to bed at night. Last night I left a lot of light in the room and he didn’t cry it all. Hmmmm….I will continue testing this theory but I think I may be on to something.


My grandmother fears that Ty is so hyperactive that I may really struggle with getting anyone to watch the little monkey in the future LOL. Last Friday (Sept 16th) was our 11th wedding anniversary. Jim and I went to dinner and a movie and left the kids with my mom. My mom was at Aunt Beck’s house with Grammy so all 3 of them were available to keep track of Ty. Apparently it took all 3 of them and they later told me that they believe Jim and I need to get out more often because they have no idea where I get the energy to chase Ty all day. I guess mother’s of busy kids just get so used to it you don’t know the difference anymore. Ty is one of the absolute busiest kids I have ever seen though. He gets in to EVERYTHING!!!!! He has this amazing sense of curiosity and he loves anything with buttons (cell phones, keyboards, calculators, tv’s, remote’s…). I keep buying him toys with buttons but darn it – he knows the difference.

Ty – you have made such a difference in my life. You are my joy.

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5 Responses to “Me Me Me!”

  1. SUSIE says:

    Hey Doni, I make you a deal………. I will watch Tanner and Ty all day long no matter what the engery level, no matter the silly stories, no matter the tantrums, no matter the smiles, I will feed them, play with them, love them as if they were my own.
    As long as you and Jim reserve a day to watch ALL six monkeys..I mean children of mine. I promise it is not that hard. I will bring all the diapers and bottles you will need. Really there is only three in diapers, it’s not that bad. After the oldest three get on the school bus it’s a little easier. All you gotta do is bath the two babies ( make sure not to let them slip) and then chase down the three year old to get him dressed. If ya can’t find him, look outside in the front yard waving to all the cars driving by. Breakfest comes next, than Barney, than cleaning laundry, more bottles, another mess, the dishes, find the missing baby ( check in big brothers closet), then run out the door load the kids in the van ( don’t forget the car’s the law) run back into the house grab two sippy cups, cell phone, the diaper bag, a bottle, extra diapers ( a must), oh yeah and the math homework the eight year old forgot to take to school. Once you arrive at the school don’t forget to get that we are now going into a public place and your older kids have warned you about wearing slippers into the building. “IT’S NOT COOL”!
    It’s lunch time now and you almost get a break, but first you have to make a JELLY only sandwich, soft textured food for the 19mo. old, and play airplane with the 9 mo. old to get him to eat. YOUR DOING GREAT!!! And the best time of the day NAPS. Go for it get those kids to bed…………wait did you change all three diapers, get the right blankie, tuck them in, turn on the nightlight, sing that song, find the pasie, yes, the 19mo. old still takes a bottle to bed. ( SAVE YOUR COMMITS FOR DR. PHIL)
    Just think you and Jim can now sit down and rest but first make sure that lunch is cleaned up, afternoon snaks are ready for the older ones, you need to sweep, vacume and mop, or you will never get the chance, drop another load of laundry in, fold the dry ones, out them away or they will have daddys underware hanging from the tree in the front yard ( has really happened ). Give your self a break sit down, oh I am so sorry when the baby crys we usally go in and pick him up sometimes he sleeps and sometimes he won’t. If not I find if you put him on your hip it is alot easier to put the clean clothes away, answer the phone, load the dishwasher, pay the bills online, and answer the door with a smile.
    Kids get off the bus at 3:45p.m., you have to walk down to the bus stop, so please grab the double stroller and have Jake walk. If he Jacob throws himself down in the middle of the road and makes a sence put on a brave face smile at all the nieghbors and calmly pick him up and whisper in his ear that he better knock it off. Try to explain the 19 mo. old that it is o.k. for the baby to touch him on the arm and that he loves him, try not to let the baby see the crackers you brought from home ( after all we don’t need that Grandma looking lady coming across the street telling you that children should not eat certain things because they cause allergies. Doni, I swear I will meet you at home as soon as you get back from the bus stop. I wouldn’t want you to have to help with the homework, sign the school papers, stop the fighting, look for the baby( in the brothers closet) crawl under the crib to find the blankie, take the girls to dance, the boy to scouts, make dinner, clean up, laundry, clean the house AGAIN, give the medicine for the three year old and 9mo. old, give the baths, wash the hair, get plenty of towels, encourage dressing be done in the rooms, find the pink pj’s, read the stories, help wiith prayers, warm up dinner for daddy, listen to daddys SO HARD day ( LEAVE IT ALONE..WOMAN) find the missing shoes for school the next dya, write a check for Rachels feild trip (10.00 what!!!) and say the prayers. Really I know you could do it. Come on!!! PLEASE.

  2. Doni says:


    Laughing hysterically!

  3. hj says:

    OH MY GOOOONDESS! DOES THAT SUSIE eeeever HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! in fact, i’m quite sure that her life would be absolutely positively without a doubt impossible without a DEEEP resevoir of humor. oh my… praying for you even more. 😉

  4. Erin says:

    Susie, I just want you to know that I have saved your posting for my future use. On those days when I think it’s been really rough, I’m going to pull it out and thank the Lord that my day could not possibly have been as busy as yours! lol

  5. Jere' says:

    Okay I am tired and need a rest after that post! Put me to bed! I will also keep that when I am complaining about getting the kids ready by myself in the morning. I swear sometimes I wonder what the non working hubby is there for! I had an AAAAAAHHHH day!

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