Can I Live?

September 23, 2005

Never has a rap song made me cry. Rap is one of few music genres that I don’t favor. However, there is one exception. I watched this video this morning and I thought it was precious and powerful.

Click here and go to the “Can I Live” video by Nick Cannon on the right side of the page.

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7 Responses to “Can I Live?”

  1. susie says:

    Very moving……..the kids in the background singing along made it that much more. I think it is a good message for the younger generation and even though I am not a big fan of rap, I know many teenagers are and hope they will really understand the message.

  2. Sara says:

    Very good song. I was just fine, til I seen the kids singing. Then I lost it.

  3. hj says:

    eyes welling…. what got me was his “thanks for listening” and i knew he didn’t just mean “thanks for listening to my song” but he was thanking his mom – then he is hugging her… how precious are these lives.

    have you seen the new tv show called “inconceivable?” i thought it was just a special but it’s a new show. i saw part of it tonight and think it’s fair to say the content might get questionable.. but there are questions raised and even a character who says “just because we CAN do it doesn’t mean we SHOULD.” There are all kinds of stories relating to infertility – from the married Christian couple to the gay men needing a saroget (sp?) mother… I’ve not seen enough to voice a huge opinion on the actual show and don’t know that i’ll watch enough to get there… but at least they thought enough to raise the questions and show how easily life can get disregarded. (the saddest part was the realization of a man whose wife died – she’d frozen her eggs for him to have her baby if anything happened to her. he wanted to do it… but then it didn’t feel right… they showed the obviously irritated doctor say “then these embryos have to be disposed of” and he simply turned off the incubator light while the “father” cried and the dr. walked out. the doctor so wanted him to do it to make the dr look good (a feel good story of the fallen soldier(the wife) and her life going on in child) that he’d already allowed for conception… now those 3 little embryos had their lights turned off. again, i can’t formulate an opinion about the show just yet as i didn’t even know what it was – just happened to catch it tonight thinking it was a special about infertility and my curiosity got me… but there are LOTS of controversial stories expressed and perhaps that is a good thing. anyone else see or have a thought?

    doni, if you’re not up for this part of the discussion feel free to delete with my permission. :)

  4. Doni says:

    Heidi – I made the conscious decision NOT to watch the show. The ethics they are going to address are going to break my heart and I can’t bare to watch it. If I would have seen that Dr. thaw those embryos and kill those tiny babies, I would have cried myself dry.

  5. hj says:

    I was SICK when I saw that… I thought the man was going to just choose not to have the procedure done – but it seemed clear the dr was SICK and trying to push him to so he could be the good story.

    Strange this show! Too many people with infertility stories would have such a hard time watching it – I wonder why they even created it? All I can hope is that they will continue to uncover some of the truth about the side of infertility treatments that can be harmful. They do address AWFUL ethics issues but they didn’t seem to put them in a really good light – so for that much I’m glad! They seem to show the darker side of the ethics – it’s almost the focus of the show to expose the dark side. That’s confusing me a little… I hope they continue to do that actually as it may educate a few – but too sad to watch for mommies like you – for sure! I don’t forsee myself continuing to watch the show for entertainment purposes!

  6. Doni says:

    Heidi – I am confused about one point. Were her EGGS frozen or EMBRYOS? Big huge enormous difference! If eggs are destroyed no one is dying – if embryos are being thawed – little people ARE dying.

  7. hj says:

    the EGGS were frozen… then soldier wanted to have his late soldier wife’s babies to grant her wish. (with a surrogate mother)…to sort of keep her alive… but when he walked in after taking a “break” (he wanted to be there with dr for their conception but then didn’t feel right and took the break realizing he didn’t want to do this without her alive)… the conception had ALREADY occured and dr said EMBRYOS must be disposed of. TOOOO sad! iwas so upset when i saw this and the man just stood there crying as the arrogant dr walked out and left him there with his dying embryos.

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