Reasoning with the Unreasonable

September 24, 2005

Last night was family night. In attendance were: Daniel, Brooke, Noah, Graham, Jodi, Karsyn, Grammy, Sweetie, Papa, Jim, Me, Tanner, and Ty. Small crowd (for us:).

Anyhow, Noah and Tanner provide all the entertainment. They love each other and then they fight like the dickens. Sweet turns to sour on a dime and then back again without a moments notice. Tanner got in trouble last night and I made him sit on the stairs only to find Noah standing beside me going “That’s right”….”Yep”….”That’s what boy’s do”….”Yep”…”That’s right”.

I had to turn my face away from Noah because I was about to break into hysterical laughter at that little monkey. He doesn’t turn three until Nov 9th and he is such a little smarty pants. I love that kid to pieces.

Anyhow, a feud broke out in the kitchen because Tanner and Noah were having trouble sharing an identical toy. There were two and they both looked exactly the same but Noah was hollering because Tanner had his. Apparently the toy’s were dropped and Tanner picked up Noah’s and Noah noticed. Daniel was trying to settle this dispute but was first trying to figure out how in the world Noah could tell the difference between the two toys. There was no reasoning with him. Tanner had HIS! (Tanner is never entirely the innoncent bystander. Not like he was volunteering to give up the toy in his hand just to settle it).

Had I been handling this, my nature would have been to tell both boys to buck up and get over it. LOL. Daniel was waving the toys in funny fashion and redistributed them confusing the situation so that neither boy knew who had which one last. Noah wasn’t pacified. Brooke comes in and the conversation plummented. Kids are waaayyyy too funny. Here was how the conversation went.

Brooke – Boys! I am going to write your names on these toys so that you will know which toy belongs to who.

Doni – That’s a great idea because they can both read! (Sarcastically with mirth:)

Brooke – Well – at least we can so we can defend which toy belongs to who.

Doni – In that case write an “S” for Sweetie because they are both hers!

Brooke – (Already in the process of writing). True. Okay Noah – here is your toy and it has an “N” on it for Noah. Tanner here is your toy and it has a “T” on it for Tanner. See?

Noah – But I want the T!!!!

At that point Brooke and I both looked at each other and busted up laughing. How did I know it? Applying reason to the unreasonable is like multiplying anything by zero. No matter how big your number is, multiplied by zero you still get a big fat zero!

And by the way, Ty and Graham were having trouble too. Graham is getting Daniel’s curly hair (Daniel say’s literally because Daniel’s hair is now officially AWOL :) . Ty kept admiring it but felt the necessity to pull those curls every chance he got. Graham did NOT appreciate this affection. Aaaghhhh!!!!! Boys!

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4 Responses to “Reasoning with the Unreasonable”

  1. Aunt Beck says:

    Man – I’m sorry I missed this family night!!!!!

    Tee! Hee!

  2. Doni says:

    Ya we could have used another referree! Welcome back my auntie.

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    “Applying reason to the unreasonable is like multiplying anything by zero. No matter how big your number is, multiplied by zero you still get a big fat zero!”

    I’m going to have to borrow this! BTW, I am laughing hysterically at ya’ll!
    Love you, Jennifer

  4. Doni says:

    Jennifer – I want you to know I made that up myself so if it shows up in Reader’s Digest somewhere in their famous quotes, I expect credit!! LOL!!!

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