AI Review

January 24, 2006

I just have a moment to say one thing – PICK PICKLER:)

(Thought Paris was great too – she was gifted with great vocal genes:)

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9 Responses to “AI Review”

  1. heidi jo says:

    i can’t remember who paris was… i have been surprised by some of their no’s and yes’s… i think they are going more by background, story, and sentimental feeling this year than they have in other years – and i actually have no problem with that. it’s kind of nice to see the underdogs make it. :)

  2. Chastity says:

    I agree! Pick Pickler! I think that is the first time I have cried when a contestant has made it through. Her voice gave me chills and her story touched my heart.

  3. Melissa :) says:

    Is Pickler the beautiful little blonde who has an unbelievable voice & a very sad life story? If so, I was so angry after hearing her story I began shouting at the top of my lungs! What is wrong with parents?!?!?! I would love to see her finally receive a fulfilled dream! :)

  4. heidi jo says:

    i’m with melissa’s thoughts too!

  5. Missy E says:

    I was on a emotional rollar coaster watching this! LOL I laughed and laughed and cried a few times. I was impressed that they knew when the judges and Simon kept their mouth shut and just simply said no thank you. There was one girl with the hat and glasses and she was so sweet, I thought it was so wonderul she tried.
    I loved the little blond too. What a sweetheart. And the granddaughter of the that one singer. Watching her tears brought me to tears. She was so grateful and humble. I can’t wait unitl tonight. Isn’t Pickler the guy with the funny speaking voice and a very differernt singing voice, I was very surprised by the yes there.

  6. heidi jo says:

    no – pickler is the darling blond girl.

    i also LOVED that sweet grandaughter girl – forgetting her name for some reason – she was adorable. i see those 2 in the running.

    i’ve been surprised at many of their yes’s and even some of their no’s…. but some of the top ones who can REALLY compete made it through and some “underdogs” too – i love the underdogs. :)

  7. Doni says:

    Heidi – the “grand daughter” girl was the one I mentioned in my posting – Paris:)

  8. heidi jo says:

    oh! THAT’S paris! :)

  9. heidi jo says:

    you overwhelmed with grace4today notes yet? oh my we girls are going to town!

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