Cheese Boo-goo Please

January 30, 2006

Tanner is my introvert – Ty my extrovert. Tanner is laid back – Ty is into EVERYTHING. Tanner loves fruit – Ty wants chocolate or cupcakes or cookies or candy, or M-Nem’s, or “more” pie. Tanner orders a fish sandwich at McDonald’s. Ty yelled his order at the drive through yesterday. “Cheese Boo-goo…..Coke”! (Now don’t any of you even think about revisiting the coke subject – he gets a bit of sprite once in awhile and he calls that coke but he actually doesn’t know the difference and uses “wa-woo” and “coke” interchangebly for any drink;).

I took him to Walmart with me recently and he spotted McDonald’s. He starts screaming through the store “Fwies!!” “Cheese Boo Goo”!!!! When we sat down with our lunch he would take a few bites and than stand up and clap and say “Yeah!” and then eat more. It was soooo cute! His tummy IS the way to my little man’s heart! He wakes up thinking about food, discusses it during the day and is still talking about it when he goes to bed – he simply loves food. He talks so much that he rarely signs EXCEPT when he wants food he adds the “more” and “please” sign for added emphasis because he wants to make sure that I GET it. He would spell it out for me if he could. Speaking of spelling my little smarty pants knows what letters are. Everytime he see’s letters on something he points and starts saying “DDDDD” or “BBBBB” – whichever letter he can think of. I am continually impressed with his obvious intelligence.

He say’s so many words now that I can’t keep up but here are a few favorites from the week:

“Hungwee” – hungry
“Song” – he played me a song on his little keyboard and then said “song”
“I know”
“Gemes” – Games – meaning X Box (he LOVES to play with a controller and pretend that he is playing X box with daddy and Tanner)
“Pattycake Zoo” = he loves his Miss Pattycake and the Hullaballoo Zoo DVD
“Med sin” = medicine
“Puter” = Computer
“Go go go! Car! Voom Voom”!
“Powder” = Pillow

He even said “Beans” when I picked up a can of beans at the grocery store. How in the world did he know that? Maybe I said it earlier and didn’t know it?

He had his first official speech evaluation last Friday and he amazed even me with how good he did (and I knew he could). The ST thought he could benefit from speech therapy just to strengthen his skills but she admitted that he appears to be advanced in speech not only for his corrected age but get this….ALSO FOR HIS ACTUAL AGE!!!! Yippppppeeeeee!!!

Drumroll necessary for this one… week ago today – when Ty was just barely over 2 years old – HE FINALLY LEARNED TO GET TO A STAND WITHOUT SUPPORT!!!!! We have been waiting and waiting for that! His PT really worked on it over and over last week (and I had been working with him too) and he finally caught on to what he needed to do. To see him get up on his own now you would never know he struggled with it!

I don’t think I mentioned this in an earlier post, but for the first time in 2 years Ty IS OFF ALL MEDICATIONS! We took him off Reglan at the beginning of January! Hopefully he will stay off.

Well I can’t say for certain if the surgery was a success or not but I can say that Ty is doing great. His eyes don’t look nearly as bad as I feared they would and he has been a happy little camper. Not much to say about this at the moment – I just have to watch how he develops and see what those little eyes do:)

Ty can identify by pointing most animals in a book and he also knows most of his body part. He can point to them when you ask AND he can say them and show you. These include: Hands, Feet, Head, Belly, Mouth (mouf:), Teeth (teef), Hair (Aunt Beck – he say’s it like Jenna did), Eyes, Nose, Ears.

He is doing sooooo goood!!!! Thank you Jesus for these precious miracles.

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27 Responses to “Cheese Boo-goo Please”

  1. Carrie P. says:

    I’m sitting in the school library with tears streaming down my face right now! I’m so proud of Ty! And so overjoyed for you Doni. It’s amazing that I’ve been following along with your family for nearly 2 years now! Yes, Ty is definitely a miracle. And a little smarty pants too! I can just see you guys eating your “Chees boo goo” and him clapping. So sweet:)

  2. heidi jo says:

    there is so much in this message to respond to! tyjo is blessed of God and so is his family (and all his friends online too! thank you Lord for every miracle, big and small, for they are ALL precious to us and give us beautiful glimpses of your love and delight in us. thank you for the days of peace and the hope for tomorrow.

    (ty, seth is SOOO with you on the burgers and fries sentiment! we got to have mcdonald’s for dinner the other night and he was SO happy! we’ve got to have a playdate at mcdonald’s someday – don’t you think?) :)

  3. Melissa :) says:

    Cason gets coke/hi-Cjuice/dietcoke/rootbeer/sprite ALL the time! You’re only little once, right? DRINK THAT COKE BABY TY!

  4. Carrie P. says:

    Well, I NEVER give my daughter any kind of carbonated beverage. Only milk, juice, or water. And on special occassions she gets to have chocolate milk.

  5. Doni says:

    Well in that case every day is a holiday for Ty because he likes his chocolate milk everyday for breakfast:)!!! (Now ladies….let’s get off the coke subject – we really DO NOT want to revisit this! We really don’t!) :)

  6. Carrie P. says:

    So did I get you? I am soooo kidding! I hope this wasn’t in bad taste! If it is, Doni you have the power to delete it right? The thought came into my head to give you guys a hard time and I couldn’t resist it. I let Kylie have sodas quite often. The funny thing is, she’ll often pass it up for milk. I swear she would live off of milk if I let her. And I almost always have a pepsi in my hand. I was a little ticked at my aunt that gave her soda for the first time though. More because I wasn’t there and didn’t get to see her reaction the first time she had it than anything else. And I apologize if this was in bad taste. And to anyone out there that feels the urge to post on this seriously, Doni is an awesome Mom! And as far as her children are concerned, God couldn’t have picked a better mom to keep them safe and loved! And if you want proof, just look at how great Ty is doing!

  7. Aunt Beck says:

    You girls are soooo cute, Carrie I love it! I think you had us going for a second!!!! We have so much to be thankful for, God is good all the time – all the time God IS GOOD!!! It is the most exciting life to live – being a Christian. We see God’s hand where others see coincidences. We see God’s love where others see luck. We see God’s image when we look at each other where others look at themselves and work at becoming something that will give them more self-worth. I want to stand with Anne Graham Lotz and say, “Just give me more of Jesus.” When I am content to rest in His arms, trust His heart, and have joy in living, then I can let go and let God…how much more fun is that? My sweet Doni, keep dreaming, keep resting, keep loving those little gifts…we are indeed blessed!

    Aunt Beck

  8. Doni says:

    Carrie – YOU my darling can get away with it!!!!:):) I know you love me:)!!! I was just issuing my warning to those who may think to follow pursuit who have not put me on their favorites list LOL!

    ….and yes….I have the power:) Oh it is so fun to use that line every once in awhile:).

  9. Jennifer C. says:

    ohhhh Sweet Ty-Man! I can “see” you now! You would so fit in w/ my boys…Sam loves a hamburger w/ cheese & mayo…frie fries & ……….powerade! I don’t think he’s figured out that he can call it a cheeseburger yet! McD’s really got me when they started taking debit cards….now I never have the excuse that I don’t have any cash… LoL~ TANNER….what have you been up to? What game have you mastered? Tell us all about it!

  10. heidi jo says:

    carrie – YOU NUT! ha ha! that was GOOD!

    aunt beck – i love your encouragin thoughts. you know, i wish i lived nearer you as i’d sure love to get to know you even better. :) you are precious and SO much a part of my heart’s family. :)

    as to coke… we were leaving a restaurant and seth scurried AS FAST AS HE COULD to climb up in jas’ seat and suck as much coke down as fast as he could from what was left in jas’ cup. he knows where to go. :) it was REALLY cute! i had to giggle! he got his fix. :)

  11. Missy E says:

    LOL, good stuff here. I couldn’t help but think to myself… wasn’t Ty the little guy who REFUSED foods?? Gag and spit and no way no how… Is this the same little man? I love it.
    So we’re tempting fate here but my Sam loves “bubble juice” ( pop ) . Now granted my hubby freaked out when he knew not only had Sam drank pop but he had a nick name for it :) Love it! What a statement of God’s work in this this little guy.
    We are a Playstation family and Sam will grab an extra controller while Eric is racing and Eric just looks at me and says.. Sam can race too right mama? I say yes and then Eric whispers … we’re pretending right mama? I say yes but don’t tell Sam! One of these days Sam’s gonna figure out that he’s really not racing :)

  12. Missy E says:

    I just re-read my post… the statement of God’s work is in Ty not Sam drinking bubble juice… LOL
    I’m thinking faster than I type :)

  13. Melissa :) says:

    Am I the only one without a Playstation? What is it?

  14. Sarah J says:

    We do not have a playstation either! I am not sure what all of the fuss about either!

    I am thinking that I will have to schedule more “boy” time with the Brinkman Boys (big and little) for Brayden to fully understand what part the playstation will play in being a boy!

    Much love,

  15. Doni says:

    Ladies ladies ladies! Jim would INSIST I clear this up. My boys do not use the playstation (which we also had/have) – they are X BOX fanatics. NOT the same thing:):). And Ty can even say “X Box”.

  16. Melissa :) says:

    Oh Doni, forgive me. How silly of me to call your XBox a Playstation! rofl! Ok then, what in the sam hills is an XBox? Maybe I need to get out more. I have 3 “boys” (well 4 if you count our new puppy) who I very well could be disappointing by not having one of these thingys. Come on over Sarah, we’ll go look together. :)

  17. Jennifer C. says:

    LoL! There is a difference….We have both. Let me tell you why….with four boys, there is no peace w/ an x-box in the house. He won’t let me play, he said I can’t play w/ HIS game, etc. SO….being the level-headed mother that I am…I decided to get another one…BUT, if I got another x-box they would just sneak the oldest brothers games…so I got a playstation w/ different games for the little ones….They STILL sneak in Ryan’s room and play his games! There is no WIN situation where an x-box is concerned…at least for the moms!

  18. heidi jo says:

    jennifer – unless you don’t have one and your husband is not too concerned with getting one. :)

    i think i kind of lucked out there… then again.. they could make a nice baby sitter for the odd occasion. ha ha!

  19. Sarah J says:

    I am so glad that you clarified! Not only would I not want to introduce Brayden to a potentially inferior gaming system, I certainly would not want it to get out on this PUBLIC website, that any of the Brinkman Boys preferred Playstation over X Box. 😉

    Do I dare tell you that I do not really like sci-fi movies and that I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies or any of the Lord of the Rings and that we do not have anything like that in the house either?


  20. Melissa :) says:

    We live a pretty much stife-free life. Praise God, our children get along soooooo well. I think I’ll keep it that way & pass on the playstation/xbox/whatevers. But hey, thanks for all the info. guys! :) :)

  21. Missy E says:

    yikes….. :)

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying Playstation is inferior!

    I remember when I got an Atari gaming system. Now that was cool and I love revisiting those games. Partly because I can understand them! :0 I’m pretty sure I still have the high score at Pac-Man :)

  22. Doni says:

    Sarah – LOL!!! You really are missing out!

    Melissa – What are you implying here? That X Box’s actually CREATE issues??? LOL. See this is one game where two players can have one tv and each have their OWN remote (of sorts). That just works.

    And for the record – I know Jim favors X Box but I don’t know anything about any of it other than the name (nor do I CARE). I just like that THREE of my boys can dissappear in the evening and give mommy time for a nice hot bath for a few minutes:). THAT is what should sell you on an gaming system LOL.

  23. Melissa :) says:

    Oh no I didn’t mean it bad! LOL! I just meant I can see my little ones (or my big one…ha!) bickering over games, whose turn, etc. I’m sure those things are a lot of fun & maybe some day I’ll feel guilty & get one. Or two. :) :)

  24. Melissa :) says:

    The more I think about it…maybe I need the game. Maybe I could escape or disappear in the evening time to play & have some fun mommy time. Hmm. Interesting. Then again, having all of “them” disappear while I got some quiet time doesn’t sound so bad either. Hmm again. Well, maybe I’ll go to some research…… 😉

    And Missy, back in the day we had Atari too! And Pong! Or was Pong played on Atari? None the less, it was fun & simple! :) :)

  25. Missy E says:

    Doni~ My biggest guy is entertained for hours some times and I love it. The funny thing is I used to get all frustrated when he’d play video games. I thought they were more important than me :( … and then after I finally convinved him he had the order of importance mixed up I had to unteach him! LOL
    Honey… don’t you want to play your new game? Have you won that championship race yet? …. :) I’m so glad he doesn’t like computer games.. I’d have to share!
    Oh what tangled webs we weave!

  26. Jennifer L says:

    I can’t believe it has been two years already! Ty is such a miracle baby!

  27. heidi jo says:

    These are EXACTLY the reasons i have considered HELPING my husband get interested. :) ha ha! but i digress….

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