Wedding Party

February 17, 2011

And here is the wedding party…

No.? I am not “that” short.? Jodi was on MUCH higher heels!? For REAL!

Guestbook and ushers

Flower girl dresses made by Julie with Juju’s Tutus.?? Loved them!

Jamie and her bro Jarrod

Jamie with her parents

I wish my depth of field wouldn’t have been quite that shallow in the picture above on the left.? Someday I’ll get that shot right.? :)

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3 Responses to “Wedding Party”

  1. shannon cress says:

    I love them all Doni!!!! what great pictures

  2. Johanne says:

    :) I feel like am I always repeating myself but I have to keep telling you, absolutly beautiful :)

  3. heidi jo says:

    a lovely wedding party. i love that all the guys are in sneakers. so cool.

    doni – you are a beautiful beautiful woman… i love your coloring – that dark hair, those dark lips, those dark dreamy eyes… my sister is beautiful.

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