I love a simple, wild, uncluttered backdrop for portraits.? After all, the shoot is all about capturing precious little models like Miss Madeleine and Little Tessa and a background couldn’t compete with those beautiful little faces anyhow.? I have been wanting to try that mirror shot and was excited when the girls mama had just the right mirror to try it out on.

I especially loved these family shots.? Sometimes interactive family shots can be tough but when it works – it works!? :)

I love six to ninth month babies and Tessa was especially happy.? With my own children, 8 months has been my favorite infant age.? They are developing their own personalities but still such a “baby”.

Madeleine, like Tanner, needed a little bit of warm up time.? For cautious kids, a 2 hour shoot may not be long enough to secure their trust so I had to work extra hard to get a seal of approval from this little darling.?? She couldn’t hold out indefinitely though and caved to my affections.? I think she knew I liked her.? Her varied expressions were so fun to capture.

It was so nice to meet you little ladies!

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5 Responses to “Madeleine and Tessa {Phoenix Children’s Photographer}”

  1. love this whole session. so soft and pretty :)

  2. I ditto on Erin…beautiful captures!

  3. Brenda B says:

    Beautiuful shoot. I love the bottom two family shots and you captured the girls beautifully. The mirror shot turned out great!

  4. heidijo says:

    what darling little beauties… truly beautiful girls. lovin the pretty settee outside, and the mirror shot was AWESOME. goood idea (surprised you didn’t steal that mirror!). beautiful all.

  5. Catherine says:

    What beautiful shots you captured! I adore the mirror shot! Such talent! :)

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