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July 6, 2006

I need help! My friend MISSY thought it would be fun to talk me into participating in a chain letter of sorts. Something I will 99.9999% of the time refuse to do but this time she pulled the “for Tanner’s sake” card LOL.

Here is what the letter say’s:

Welcome to the sticker club! Please send one sheet of stickers to the person listed as number one. Move my name to the first spot and place your name in the second spot. Then send this letter to six of your friends.

If you cannot do this within six days, please let my mom know because it is not fair to those that have participated. Within two weeks, you should receive 36 packets of stickers. It’s a lot of fun and exciting to see where the stickers come from and it’s always nice to get the mail.

Good luck and thank you for joining the sticker club.

Then it is signed by Missy’s kids and there are two addresses at the bottom.

The easy part is sending the stickers to the first kid on the list. No problem there. The hard part is talking 6 other mom’s into argreeing to this. Tanner really will love getting stickers in the mail though so I agreed to it :).

If you agree, I’ll email you the letter that you can print and then send to 6 friends of your kids. Please oh please help me get past this project :) ! LOL.

By the way, I discovered a little known fact about the US post office today. I hate mail projects because our community has drop boxes but no pick up. If you need to mail anything you have to drive to the post office (or so I THOUGHT). I found out though that your mail carrier will pick up your mail from your house for free if you schedule a pickup online! Yeah!!! So glad to know this!

Hoping to see six willing participants here soon!!! :)

(Heidi – don’t you think Seth would appreciate this? LOL!)

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16 Responses to “Sticker Club”

  1. Chastity says:

    How fun! I would be a little skeptical as well, but what harm can a little sticker sharing do? Hayden (6) would love this if it really works. he has an official “Sticker Album” and collects them. Sign me up!
    Chastity Tuttle

  2. Sarah R. says:

    I have gotten this “Chain Letter” a couple of times before, but never participated. The twins are just getting into stickers and this would be neat. I would only expect one sheet for the 2 of them, though. I am not sure if I have any other people that would be willing to do this. Also, all the stickers the boys get wind up all over my island, counter tops and the fridge. You will get to see this tomorrow, Doni.
    Oh and about mail pick-up. This is the first neighborhood we have lived in that actually has a slot for outgoing mail. This is our 3rd community mailbox residence. Before that I would just stick the outgoing mail in our box at the very front with the stamps facing up and at the front and the mail got picked up every time. I was actually told to do it that way and that is how my parents’ mailbox works too.

  3. Doni says:

    Chastity – I emailed the letter to you! Yeah my first taker!!!

    Sarah – so are you saying you are up for the challenge or not? I am confused :). I tried sticking my mail in my box but they would never pick it up so I gave up. Guess it depends on your carrier. Hmmmmmm…..I’ll have to ask our carrier about this. She might prefer that than coming to my door!!!!

  4. Melissa :) says:

    You guys are nice mommies. I said no. ROFL!! :)

  5. Carrie P. says:

    If there are any takers past 6, I was lucky enough to get this letter from Missy too! So I’d be glad to send the letter your way as well! Don’t worry Doni. I won’t try to “take” any of your first 6 away. I just thought that if there were any additional takers, I would be happy to send it on to them so that they don’t miss out on this!

  6. Sarah R. says:

    Yes, I will give it a try. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. heidi jo says:

    oh yes auntie sissy – seth would love it…. arggg…. i couldn’t even manage the flip flop one for my cousin! dear… but stickers WOULD be easier to mail AND easier to come by (given i probably already have some around here) so yes, count me in. i WILL however try to steal other moms from others on this yes list in hopes of getting to them first! ha ha!

    and if you get WAY more yes’ than 6 (as carrie said) then share them first with her and then with me. :)

  8. Gini says:

    I think my youngest would love this. Please send me the letter. I have several who I can pass it on to.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m in. Parker LOVES stickers, we spend a 1/2 hour at Michaels looking at them every time we go – which is at least twice a week!

  10. Sarah J says:

    Count me in!

    Not only because I have been a really bad friend lately, REALLY MIA and really in a funk, but because I think that Brayden would LOVE this too. We were on vacation for 3 weeks in PA and stickers were one of the things that kept him entertained on the plane!

    If you still remember who I am,

    Sarah J

  11. Doni says:

    Yippee! I am at my 6! Anyone else that joins will be helping Carrie and Heidi now! THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  12. heidi jo says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU to those of you who take Doni past the 6 limit. I’ve already sent out a request but no takers yet…. arg….

  13. Anita says:

    I would love to do this! Kynzer loves stickers!

  14. Missy says:

    Oh yeah!
    Eric and Sam had so much fun sending out those letters. I had them decorate the outside of them with stickers too. :)
    Thank you everyone who said Yes :)

  15. Jennifer C says:

    oh I’m so glad you got to six. I would send stickers to 100 people and that would be no problem but getting 6 people to do it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE! Let me know when you get your package in the mail.

  16. Chastity says:

    I didnt get an email. I hope I didnt mark iot as spam :(
    Can you try again?


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