Stay Put

December 6, 2011

Because you enjoyed my beautiful artwork and because I am way too busy to take an actual picture….


Oh the joys of raising kids who were born prematurely!  Let’s see…

Last week:

Went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for (1) Swallow Study and (2) Cranial Tech.

This week PCH schedule (1) Neuro-Developmentalist for Troy (2) Apnea Clinic – Troy (3) Cranial Tech – Troy (4) Surgeon Eval for Ty (5) OT Eval for Ty


Issue of the evening:  Troy must have 28 ounces of fluid daily to stay hydrated.  Because I have to thicken his feedings to nectar consistency, he doesn’t want to eat as much therefore less fluid intake.  Today I have calculated only 19 ounces and there is NO WAY I will get another 9 ounces in him before bedtime (it is 9:16 PM).  What to do?   AAAHHHH!!!!  I will be making more phone calls tomorrow because I don’t know how to solve this one.


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2 Responses to “Stay Put”

  1. forget photos! well, not totally…i do adore your photos :). but your cruddy pictures make me giggle!! busy busy week for you. saying a prayer right now friend.

  2. Jodi says:

    Doni I do not know how you do it…Love you and always praying for you.

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