Karsyn, Ryker, Cooper

January 24, 2012

I took these shots of my niece and nephews way way way back in JUNE!  I feel SO badly that it has taken me this long to get them processed for my sweet sister.  Life has been very hectic since Troy has been born and I just didn’t get it done.   I look at these now and laugh at how much Cooper has changed in seven months.  He is a beautiful baby.  Additionally, it has worked out quite conveniently that Cooper and Troy have similar body styles because Troy gets Cooper’s  hand me downs.   Because these shots are of my babies, I will post a bunch for your viewing pleasure.  :)

Miss Karsyn is our little smarty.  She is doing so good in school this year and is as sweet as could be.

These pictures were taken at Jodi’s Dad’s home up in Payson.  (If you recall, I did post a few pictures about the snake incident way back when.  The snake was in a hole above Karsyn’s head while we were shooting this and we didn’t know it until later).

Jodi wasn’t planning to be in the shots but I insisted.  :)

Cooper will be appearing the most in this blog post because this was his one year shoot (with siblings).

Had to snap a shot of Tori and Jodi’s niece – they were too cute.

Ryker was my wild card for the day.  You just never know what stunts toddlers will pull on a shoot.  I got some funnies to post a bit further down.

Ryker has a BIG personality and is oh so expressive.  He cracks me up.  I enjoy WATCHING Ryker talk.

I needed Ryker’s cooperation for a trio picture and we waited too long to do the group shot and missed our window.  Still I must confess…I really enjoy his antics.

Karsyn inherited the family trait of needing to eat babies up.  She often grits her teeth with babies just like me.

One thing that was really odd about this shoot, and I mentioned this before, was that I kept having the haunting feeling the whole day that my baby was missing and I wasn’t watching the baby.  I would catch myself having anxiety about a baby that was not yet in my arms.  On the way home, I told Jodi about it and she said that likely meant my baby was about to be in my arms.  Sure enough, Troy arrived about 1 week later.

Ohhhhhhh do I love these three!!!!



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6 Responses to “Karsyn, Ryker, Cooper”

  1. Johanne says:

    BEAUTIFUL, beautiful beautiful……my face hurst from smiling so much :) Beautiful babies and beautiful Mama too :) You are so awesome Doni!

  2. Jodi says:

    Words cannot even express what I want to say!!!! I LOVE THEM (repeat a million times!!!!) Doni thank you so much for taking the time out to go up to my Dad’s and shoot these pictures. They are exactly what I wanted. I am one lucky girl to have hit the sister in love jackpot!! Love you so much and the wait was totally worth it. Now I am going to spend the weekend doing diy canvas :)

    Thank you so much and LOVE you!!

  3. Brenda B says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! Jodi you get more gorgeous every year and your kids are just as beautiful!

  4. Heather Shaver says:

    Love all of them…..and SIL’s know best when to get Mommy in the picture. PRICELESS. :) Such beautiful children inside and out.

  5. Trish says:

    I LOVE them all, but the ones with Cooper reclining in the tub with his hands behind his head are my favorites. He has adopted the man pose!!

  6. Aunt Beck says:

    Ooooohhhh, how I hate being sick (and I must have been to not even feel like checking the computer!!) but now it just gives me opportunity to sit back and take in the beauty of those faces that are facing the camera and in essense looking at their sister/aunt with smiles, and antics and much love flowing between the two. So precious that God was even preparing your mama instincts Doni for baby Troy Everett Brinkman! I also agree Doni that there were some picture perfect shots of Ryker, but that little boy just cracks me up with his energy and expressions. Beautiful pictures from a beautiful (albeit eventful) day! Jodi, you are so beautiful and your heart matches that exactly!

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