Tanner Billboard

January 22, 2007

A big THANK YOU to Hope and Scott Langston who took these pictures for me in Wisconsin!  For us AZ people, the snow is too fun!!!  Pray these billboards make a difference – some little lives depend on it!




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13 Responses to “Tanner Billboard”

  1. Carrie P. says:

    WOW! Where is this located again? I might have to take a roadtrip over to Wisconsin just to see this baby in person! Does my heart good to see this.

  2. Jennifer C says:

    How cool!…(literally!) How could anyone NOT say NO? All the reps need to see his sweet face.

  3. Aunt Beck says:

    Who would have ever even imagined five years ago that Tanner’s precious face would be up high on a billboard for all the world to see. Through the heartache of infertility, to the miracle of embryo adoption – it reminds us once again that God takes the very worst of our situations and works His healing touch into making something we could not befor have even imagined. How we thank the Lord for all the steps leading to this defining moment, and pray that the message of that billboard makes a difference to all who look upon it.

  4. Missy says:

    Carrie, I’ll go with you! What a story that sweet face tells. Yeah Tanner!!!! :) Praise the Lord!

  5. Amanda Dunn says:

    AMEN, Aunt Beck!!!! My thoughts exactly!!! Doni-You and Jim’s suffering is making a difference. Praise God that you have made it to this day where your little miracle boys have touched so many lives with their different stories. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Love you!

  6. heidi jo says:

    I, for one, will NOT go with you to see Tanner’s billboard first hand. I will choose to go directly to Tanner himself. :) Ha ha! (There’s a small perk in there of getting to see my Doni and the rest of her fam face to face after MUCH too MUCH time away.) :)

  7. Angela says:

    I am so very proud Doni! I posted a link to your post on specialparent.org — I had to show the other mommies!! He’s gorgeous!

  8. Cara Jo says:

    Oh my goodness! That is so awesome! AMAZING! What a proud mama you must be! I love it! Brings tears to my eyes!

  9. Aimee says:

    I believe this snapshot is in Janesville, WI. Not 100% sure though. Doni or the picture takers will have to confirm.
    Have been avidly scouring Rochester, MN, to see if Tanner will be shown here. What an awesome smile that kid has! Who could resist?

  10. Doni says:

    Aimee is right. The billboard in the picture is on Milton Ave in Jainesville, WI. There is another one up near the Rock County Airport. I have always said that Tanner is so beautiful he should be on billboards…guess other people shared mama’s opinion :). My dad has often commented that Tanner would make an awesome child model. I agree but I don’t want that life for him. In this instance though, there is purpose in his face being on a billboard. His little God woven frame may impress upon the hearts of many that all life is precious. If even just one other child is saved….

  11. heidi jo says:

    amen. :)

    this is the PERFECT reason for him to “model” life. talk about a ROLE MODEL! WOW! 😉

  12. AimeeZ says:

    This is too cool Doni and it’s it my home state to boot!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!

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