I am so excited!  This week our little Lucy will arrive!  Yipppeeeeee!!!!!

The beautiful blonde above is my cousin Jamie and her wonderful honey Shane.  I was born when my Aunt Beck was 16 years old.  When I was 16, Aunt Beck had Jamie.  She was “mine” from Day 1.  Most adorable baby girl ever.   Is Lucy going to look like Jamie?  Oh I hope I hope I hope.  Can’t wait!    (But if she sports Shane’s hair I am going to be TOTALLY okay with that!!!!)

I love the above picture of these two.  I told Shane to make sure he didn’t look like he was choking her.  I have four brothers and three sons.  I should have known better than to say that.  Once it leaves your mouth, they just can’t resist.

I had so much fun photographing these two.   We were worried about the heat but it turned out to be that AWESOME weekend in May where it cooled off for a minute.  Super nice day.  They took me to dinner afterwards and then chatted on our couch with me and Jim until the wee hours of the morning.  I laugh until my stomach hurts when I am with this dynamic duo.


I think my cousin looks beautiful pregnant and I have loved watching her excitement grow right along with her baby belly.   My bet is on an 8 pounder.

Shane gets an A++ for picture day.  After his third shoot with me he said “I know what you’re after Doni” and then he gave it to me.  I had told them both at the beginning that I wanted to see the natural interactions between them so that we could capture that for Lucy and I would know it when I saw it because I know these two very well.  Shane ignored my camera and did what he always does – he loved Jamie.  I love how he loves that girl and she thinks the sun rises and sets where he stands too.  Lucy is going to know it to when she is old enough to interpret these pictures of her parents and I super love that fact.  (You say things like “super love” when you have four kids.  The lingo of four year olds is pretty hip).

Jamie has perfect cheeks.  When she was a toddler, I used to stick my fingers in her mouth (my very clean fingers) and measure the thickness of her cheeks between my index finger and thumb.  It was unreal.  They must have been one inch thick.  I cracked up when the ultrasound tech this week told them that they could actually SEE Lucy’s cheeks on an ultrasound.  LOL!    Perfection.

Shane and Jamie – I love you two to pieces and I can’t wait to have Lucy in MY arms.  A.D.O.R.E.

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12 Responses to “Shane + Jamie + Lucy (almost) {Phoenix Pregnancy Photography}”

  1. Jamie says:

    We loved spedning the day with you! We love that we are blessed to have such a talented cousin that is able to capture our special moments! i cannot wait for Lucy to get here and it is going to be such an amazing time…I glad that you will be able to capture that as well!! We love you!!

    Jamie and Shane

  2. Aunt Beck says:

    It is kinda hard to read with tears in your eyes! I thought these pictures were so very “personal, capturing (of their love for each other) delightful (those twinkles in Shane’s eyes) and leaves us absolutely beside ourselves while waiting to see your Lucy picture reveal!!! I think that they looked very much in love, and I too can’t wait to see how beautiful she will look! I did especially love the “heart” picture of daddy’s hands showering baby Lucy and her mommy with his love! I have to stop writing so I can look at the pictures again!

  3. Absolute Perfection…LOVE them all. Such a sweet beautiful couple…Lucy will be well loved (to the moon & back for sure!)

  4. Trish says:

    Beautiful in every way!

  5. Shane & Jamie looks so completely happy and you did a marvelous job capturing such a precious time for them D!!

  6. Brenda B says:

    Such a great shoot, I especially love the Heart shadow. That is awesome! Jamie is gorgeous!

  7. Heather Shaver says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Jamie has always had an Ethereal quality to her that just can’t be matched….add in a “pregnancy glow” and she is beyond STUNNING! All the pics are fantastic but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one of her in the black dress sitting in the chair with Shane holding her head.

    Lucy is destined to not only be one amazingly good looking girl, but one with a FANTASTIC personality!

  8. Johanne says:

    Congrats to Shane & Jamie…..I know Lucy will be so so loved, just by seeing the love the two of you have for each other. I love the name <3 Doni you are as always awesome, Everyone who has ever had pictures taken by you are so blessed you capture everything with such grace and beauty! I wish the new Mommy all the best with the delivery and can not wait to see the new baby pics :)

    I too am aiming for the red hair! :)

  9. Amber Hilliker says:

    wow. these pictures were amazing. Jaime is beautiful. You did an excellent job on these pictures. I love the scenery you picked.

  10. Aimee Z says:

    You are so right, pregnancy suites her SO well. Gosh Jamie, you are just absolutely GORGEOUS! And Shane, you know I love your look too:) Soo excited to meet Miss Lucy!!!!

  11. M says:

    I too love the shadow heart! What a neat idea, but it doesn’t surprise me coming from you. Can’t wait for the newborn shots.

  12. heidi jo says:

    i JUST saw these and have to comment fast so i don’t forget.
    I’M SO GLAD YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT THOSE GORGEOUS CHEEKS – AND THAT SHE LOOKS LIKE JAMIE AND HAS SHANE’S STRAWBERRY BLONDE CURLS! OOO! SHE IS SUCH A BEAUTY! it is rare that i see a NEWBORN and feel SO CONFIDENT about how much they look like a parent.. .but that little lucy DEFINITELY has jamie’s beauty. i can’t wait to see her at the age i first remember being with jamie… around 2?

    shane is GREAT on camera – jamie is a natural beauty – no wonder about her… but guys often don’t “get” the whole photo shoot thing. shane absolutely DID perfectly ignoring you but loving on jamie. i DO believe he will keep his word t ALWAYS chase jamie with his love. :)

    LOVE the shadow on the belly.
    LOVE the pic of jamie in black dress, leaning back, shane looking down from behind. nice.

    LOVE that you commented on “super” because i had just caught your repeated use of the word & can appreciate that explanation. :)

    8 lbs… aren’t you the smartie pants this week! are you gonna go ahead and guess lucy’s first word? age when she’ll walk without hand-holding? how about her favorite food and type of musc? :) i think you stand a good chance of getting it right.

    i am almost sad that jamie isn’t pregnant because i LOVED watching her glow brighten through every stage of growing that baby. pregnancy really did look great on jamie. i do have a good feeling motherhood will offer her another equally, if not greater, form of beauty though… she is a woman who just seems BEAM with it from within and the outside couldn’t help but catch up.

    and i’m with you – those two together provide for some of my greatest laughs. i remember when they came to your house and made us dinner. must repeat that event and let me sneak into your house to join in. it’s just so fun to be in a small group setting with them where they can really shine.

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