He had quite a nice time and he LOVED his toys!

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2 Responses to “Troy’s First Birthday Party”

  1. Mikeanddebbie says:

    Beautiful! So glad to FINALLY meet that sweet boy! He. Is. Adorable. My kids had a great time today. “Tori is so pretty and nice.” -Micah. “Ty is a great kid…and so funny.”-all of them. “Tanner is so fun, mom. We need to see him more often.”-Daniel. “I love Doni and love talking with her”-me :) Let’s not let another 18 months go by, ok? Love you! :)

  2. Denette says:

    Happy Birthday to Troy!! Just caught up on your last three posts with AMAZING pictures!!!! Love them all!! Such a gift you have. <3 And, your post on Lucy made me cry. So beautiful.

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