This handsome little fellow is Xavier.  I was so happy to see him again for his two year pictures.  He was a busy busy little guy (as are all two year olds in the world).

This was a bit of a miracle shoot.  Poor little buddy got stung by a bee about 20 minutes into our shoot.   But like a trooper, he managed his first bee sting like a champ and went on to give me many more gorgeous Xavier grins.

Little baseball lover in the making!  (And that was actually an orange, not a baseball, and I was in his line of sight!)

Expecting a toddler to look into a camera, pose, and smile, is generally, an unreasonable expectation (in my humble opinion).   Photographing a toddler while they do what they do – PLAY – now that is the goal of a toddler session.  (In this case, Xavier did surprise us with several directed grins though so that was a bonus!)

Xavier will soon be a big brother!

Storyboards aren’t just for cake smashes you know.  Very fun way to display a toddler shoot.

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