Ornament Treasures

December 9, 2012

(“The” Christmas Belt – above)


Since the birth of her first grandchild, Sweetie has purchased special ornaments each year for all the kids.  She puts a lot of thought into these little hanging memories.  She has a journal for each grandkid and every year she writes a note to them in their journal and then tells them why she picked out their specific ornament that year.   This year, while shopping for the ornaments she pondered whether or not the kids really “gave a hoot” about the ornaments.  I was glad to detail for her later that week, all the cute things my kids were saying while decorating the tree.  Tanner, surprisingly, was the most sentimental about his ornaments, but all of them were excited to hang their special ornaments and were busy looking for their favorites.

Because several of these ornaments have been glued back together, and Troy is doing his share of damage this year too, I decided I had better take pictures of the ornaments and put them in my yearly family album (and then do this each year) so that I make sure I have at least a picture of all of them in case they don’t survive til’ adulthood (though I intend to keep gluing!).    UNFORTUNATELY, I noticed a bunch weren’t on the tree and I don’t know if it is because the kids didn’t find all of them or if we have had some go missing in the last 12 years.     SO….this next part is SWEETIE’S HOMEWORK…here is what I found on my tree tonight…can we compare notes soon to figure out what I am missing?  I also want to write down which ones belong to who and what year they are from for my 2012 family album.

1.  Shoe = Tori 2. Ice Cream Cone – Ty  3.  Incredibles – ha ha!  Boy did he love Mr. The. Incredible – Ty.  4.  Cookie Monster – he carried that cookie monster around a long time – Ty

1.  Deer Hunt – Tanner 2.  Polar Bears – I think this was Tanner’s when he got his first baby brother 3.  Horse – can’t remember 4.  Tractor – Ty

1. Xbox – TY 2. School Bus – Tanner when he started school  3.  Snowman! – Wait – maybe this was when he got a new baby brother? 4.  Christmas – Ty’s first ornament  (love the verse on the back – Every good and perfect gift…)

1.  Picture – Troy’s first Christmas 2.  and 3 – Did this ornament have that sign or not?  I don’t know who it belongs to.  I think Tanner but not sure.  4.  Not sure about this one either

Alice – Tori’s


Thanks Mom!   I better be able to track them all down or I might cry.


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  1. shannon says:

    Doni I love this Idea and love that your mom has done this. I can not explain why but just going through all the pictures and knowing you and sweetie this brought tears to my eyes. Must not look at your blog at work :)

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