My Baby

December 11, 2012

This shot was taken back in August and I loved it.   The rest of these are from yesterday.  I had such a nice day shooting at home for a bit.  I want to make it a goal in 2013 to take more shots in the house of my kids just going about their day.  I want to have a couple of pages in the yearly album dedicated to lifestyle shots.

I have had a few photographers lately ask me how often I use a flash.  I don’t.  It is a very rare occasion that I put a flash on my camera.  Once in a while I will pull out studio lights for my own kids but that happens infrequently.  I am a natural light shooter.

When Troy woke from his nap, he seemed awfully sleepy (which tells me he was WOKEN up).   I was kind of grateful though because it kept him blessedly still for two minutes for these snuggly couch shots.

Reading with Sissy.

Last night, during the Michael Buble special, Troy ran across the room when he heard Elmo’s voice.  It was so cute.  He loves Sesame Street.

You can’t tell in this picture, but the first indication I had months ago that Troy was going to turn blonde was when the base of his eyelashes turned blonde.  The middle and ends are still very dark but the base is actually blonde.

Would anyone like to take these glasses off me?  Anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?

So happy our little guy…

Silly baby.  :)   I love him to pieces.



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