Easter with Mom

March 28, 2008

She did it again! Slept til 6:00 AM – two nights in a row!!!!! Wooohooo!

Jim and I had a nice time on our date last night. We went and say Be Kind Rewind which was pretty silly and I wouldn’t recommend it (but it did have some funny parts). We saw it because I like Jack Black but it wasn’t his best.

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7 Responses to “Easter with Mom”

  1. heidi jo says:


  2. Johanne says:

    LOVE IT! Its so amazing how much Tori looks like her Mama. Beautiful.

  3. susie says:

    Very sweet, glad to hear your night went well, and even happier to hear that Tori is giving her mama a little bit more sleep at night.

  4. April says:

    How is it that she looks JUST like you!?! That is so amazing to me. I just get tearing looking at your pictures. God is soooooooo amazing!!!!

  5. I truly love the NEW look but—I miss the boy look too!
    Equal time, Mom. Oh, and did I say that you look beautiful!!

  6. Aunt Beck says:

    What makes me giggle is how Tori and you look to have the exact same coloring!!!! How fun is that??!!! Is that a dress or blouse you are wearing – I love the color on you. That is a very fun mother/daughter keeper.

    Lovin’ you,

    Aunt Beck

  7. susie says:

    I was just checking in for any new updates…no I do not have my RRS thing up. I also just noticed the eye lashes on Tori, your header really brings them out. Wonder if Ty is now in the running. Can’t wait to see the family Sunday:)!

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